Marketing 2.0 Conference Want to go? What should I speak about?

I am speaking on Wednesday 17th September at the Marketing 2.0 Conference and I was able to convince the organizer to give me a complimentary ticket (worth $2,960) to give away to my readers. It should be a good conference with International guest Rajat Chopra Director of Bell Canada , Mark Pollard Lead Digital Strategist from Leo Burnett and Campbell Sallabank CEO of LinkMe also speaking.

I have got 30 minutes to talk turkey, I am interested to know what you think the most interesting content I could speak to these Marketers (I am guessing a low knowledge of social media) about. Some potential areas;

Market Cross – Rules of Engagement
The Australian Social Media Revolution
NAB Spamming Stunt
The Social Media Marketing Framework (below)
Starting Conversations, Listening and Responding Online
What is social media?

The person who gives me the best idea for the conference, the ticket is all yours. I will choose next Tuesday (9th September) but most of all I really am just interested in your suggestion and help.

Presentation of Social Media Marketing Framework


Anonymous said...

The social media knowledge gap between the Gen X/Y's and the baby boomer decision-makers.

Julian Cole said...

That is a great idea! I think this is so important. convincing Baby Boomer Bosses about the importance of putting money into social media. I did a post on The Top 10 Tools to convince a boss of social media

Gordon I know you have done a number of pitches to Baby Boomers with not much knowledge in this area, what has worked well for you?
Have you got any resources/posts/thoughts on what I could pass on to this audience. Thanks for the feedback too.

Anonymous said...

Applying your social media framework to two polar opposite communication objectives;

Firstly; Radioheads, In Rainbows launch and the subsequent 'online events'. Video mashups and so forth..

To secondly; how Barack Obama has used social media to create a groundswell that has achieved everything from financial backing to ongoing dialogue...

Athan said...

The art/science of convergence amongst segmentation.

While online media habits tend to result in fragmented consumption, there is an ever increasing need to be able to connect with all those 'fragments' to allow a relationship to build with your audience.

Long time reader, first time poster.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea of the "rules of engagement" - and quite like as well your nifty framework...
- and don't worry about ticket...I will be in Paris ;-)

Julian Cole said...

Ben, I really want to know who is behind Obama’s online strategy it is just seamless. I hope the strategist comes out with a book after he gets elected, I will definitely have to get him into the speech somehow, he just kills it.

Athan, thanks for commenting, I really appreciate when I get comments back to my posts because the feedback is really valuable to strengthening my ideas, peer reviewing your ideas, you cannot beat it!

Man, you sound like you are onto something really interesting here, I am going to try and make sense of what you are looking at in terms of my frames of reference?!?!?! Here I go;

You are talking about ways that you could speak to fragmented segments online all at the one time. People who I think have said things around the same area;

Like what Gavin spoke about with Strength of Weak Ties

David Armano Ripples 2.0

I want to hear more about this can you explain the idea a little further with examples? Cheers

Kelly, I really like the Market Cross - Rules of Engagement but I don’t know how to put it into a presentation. Paris or a Marketing 2.0 conference? That is a tough one. ; )

Anonymous said...

Perhaps think about it from thier point of view.
Generally the online space is a medium they don't understand and therefore fear.

They want/need to impress clients and or management, and to do this they need to look like they understand the media, potential and pitfalls.
Even if it means they start internal discussions that would be a great start.

I guess I'm saying I feel you should keep it 'helicopter view' rather than topic related and use examples to illustrate [as you did at AIMIA] the main points;

+ What is it?
+ How do they explain it?
+ How does it differ from traditional forms of marketing.
+ Potential benfeits and pitfalls
+ How do they manage it
+ How can they measure it

I think we as 'professionals' are still tyrying to quantify and understand the media and it's role in marketing, R&D etc so take it easy on the poor souls and I think they will really appreciate it.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Paul, Thanks for the great feedback that is a really good outline for the presentation, I think the number one thing that I often do is get to ahead of myself and speak about it in too specific issues because I am trying to prove my knowledge.

I will keep it quite general because I am also the first speaker of the Conference so I will have to cover the basics. I really like the idea of discussing ‘how are they going to explain it’, that is a really interesting idea and worth bringing up.

Paul, In terms of the AIMIA conference what stood out in your head as the strongest point I made? And what did I not communicate so well?

Anonymous said...

All good comments here. I would also add a quick poll of the audience first to see who is actually already engaging (5%, 10%)in social media marketing - then quickly you can target the level of detail/complexity you need in the presentation.

I would emphasise that while in Aus social media marketing is relatively new in US/UK its more mature and we can learn from some of their mistakes (giving them comfort) In addition talk about the quant and qual metrics that you can align to the 2.0 marketing - ROI will always be important.

Finally I would walk them through a 'Is your brand/co. ready for Social Media Marketing' checklist? to emphasise its not a campaign but a philosophy of engaging 'honestly; with your customers. It will make them look closely at their company and brand culture.


Julian Cole said...

Hey Jenni,

There are some great points in there, I think gauging the audience is a really important start that I have not done at past conferences but probably worth doing. I am still looking for a good resource for a compilation of the best metrics for social media measurement. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Apart from the real examples like Starbux coffee cubes, the 3 stages to SMM resonated as a concise way of explaining the media.

+ Starting conversations
+ Listening [see I was!]
+ Feedback

When marketers realise there is more to gain [and lose] from inviting contribution it opens up all sort of opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I'd be extremely tempted to do a pre-conference social media campaign for social media as a practical demonstration...but seriously, I think Paul summed it up.

I like your framework...just wondering though, you didn't include a feedback loop - is it fair to say that the four functions are discrete steps or is market intelligence something that continues through the whole process? Responding too?It probably sounds nitpicky but I guess if you're presenting to traditional media specialists, you would want to emphasise that with social media you can/need to interact and adapt constantly...

Cheers for your comment the other day too :)

Anonymous said...

Re Metrics there is no one-solution fits all but you can look at:

Qualitative: the style of 'engagement' ie how engaged are those that are participating, the themes that come out of the engagement, the discussion around the brand etc..and how important those commenting are (re influencers)- also the steps they took(conversion)re sales, leaving an email address on a site, subscribing etc...

Quantitative: There are countless simple measures such as no of blog posts, no of discussion threads etc that are also very useful.

As mentioned I dont think that anyone has cracked measurement perfectly yet (we are working on it!)

Re measurement thought-leaders - KD Paine is one to watch in this space as she adapts her content analysis/measurement skills to the social media landscape.

Hope that helps

Nina Athena said...

Yes, indeed. I’ve been running my own business, and I can feel the difference between the time I didn’t use social media marketing and now that I’m doing my own social media campaign for my business. Social media is not just about growing a business, but also expressing the voice of your business to your audience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is a really inspiring article. I would love to see more updates from you.