News story of the week- Axe, Amateur Escorts and the Superbowl

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It seems the Americans will do anything for a ticket to the Superbowl. Sarah Pany a University student from LA held an auction on ebay earlier this week to see if she could be someones date to the Superbowl. Unfortunately ebay stepped in and cancelled the auction. Then Axe (America’s version of Lynx deodorant) stepped in and gave the student 4 tickets, so Sarah invited two of her good looking girlfriends and now there is one ticket left for a lucky male to attend the Superbowl with three gorgeous dates.

I think this is a great move by Axe to leverage of a national news story and put a twist on it. It is companies that are able to make big decisions like this in short amounts of time which will be remembered in the minds of the consumers.

Viral of the week- The dangers of live television

Everyone knows the dangers of live television for all those non believers, have a look at this clip. This is from the British day time talk show ‘Richard and Judy’.

Website of the week- Mintd (a Melbourne based project)

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Mintd is a website that allows up-and-coming local designers to sell their works online. At the moment the website is mostly selling jewellery and clothes but there are grand plans to start selling mp3’s and movies. Their point of difference from other marketplace website is their emphasis on community, which makes this site look like a mash up of ebay and myspace. This site has huge potential and will be interesting to follow.

Website of the week- Clearification

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In this website Windows Vista teams up with comedian Demetri Martin, a regular at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The website is great because they have been able to translate Demetri's dry humour into an online space. They have created mini episodes which are released over time to the public. The Windows Vista product is not overly pushed through the website and episodes which I think is a great move by Microsoft.

Viral of the Week - Chicago Bears, Brett Lee and Spiders all on Drugs

With the Chicago Bears now in the Superbowl, this gem of a clip has been dusted off from the music archives. Fingers crossed my beloved Essendon Bombers do not have any skeletons in their closet.

Chicago Bears Shuffle Dance

Brett Lee singing

Spiders on Drugs

News Story of the Week - Jeep Waterfall

Jeep have teamed up with a water specialist to make a waterfall which can show images such as the ‘Jeep’ logo. Check out the quick documentary on this innovation.

The Office, it's a jungle in there.

If you haven't seen this ad, you're going to have to! It is a creative genius at work and I believe it is a five star advertisement!
It's an ad from Bluecat Networks highlighting their Adonis series DNS and DHCP device.
It's been named 'The office platoon', if you want to know why, watch it!

Click to look! :D

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