Wanted: Social Media Marketing Intern/Bro/Sis

Stolen word for word from Arturo's blog

TCO is looking for a hungry digital native looking to get experience working with some of Australia’s top brands – think Fosters, Westfield, Art Series Hotel Group and Coca Cola, to name but a few - in the exciting world of social media marketing.

You’ll be working alongside some of the brightest little brains this side of the sun, being the kids at TCO, specialists in strategic thinking and idea generation across content, human experience, both offline and right through the digital eco system.

Specifically, we’re looking for a bright and passionate intern to support our Digital Strategy team. As the Social Media Coordinator, your role will be to coordinate social media campaigns, blogger outreach, Facebook community management, measuring and reporting. You’ll also be involved in digital strategy and idea generation.

Sound good so far? Hungry yet? You better be. Start pimping your Facebook and better get a Twitter account because they will be scrutinised. Got a Tumblr, your own blog, Flickr account, Foursquare mayor of everywhere, you can see where we’re headed with this right?

You get to hang out with us one day per week for 3 months. Note the position is unpaid but you will get props galore.

To apply, email your CV and a photo to hr@theconscience.org. Better yet build a CV online, mail us a life size photo of you hanging out with some dinosaurs, PDF a deck of why you should be our ninja … show us why you want this so bad.

When was the first time you saw an SMS?

Technology - Do not want

I think out of all the technology that has come along, SMS melted my brain the most.

I was about 11 years old and at a Scout Camp. We were just getting ready for bed when one of my scout leaders got his phone out and was using it to send messages to another of the leaders in another tent. I remember they were using it like an online chat, every 2 minutes a new message would come through. The whole thing spun my head out, how could they send text via mobile phones!?!?!

I wonder if any technology will ever leave me as dumb founded as SMS.

Do kids still write 'WB' at the end of messages?

CHAT ROULETTE : New Social Media Marketing Landscape for Brands?

This is a guest post by Grace Gordon the Marketing Manager/Digital Ninja at Socialista Media.

Grace meeting her long lost twin on Roulette

It was only a matter of time before more daring brands turned to the 90’s-esque Online chat phenomenon, Chatroulette as an unchartered terrain of marketing activity. In recent weeks we are starting to see the first glimpses of these amongst brands in the edgy youth / fashion segment.

Last week I received a Press email from irreverent fashion eyewear brand SABRE that stood out: it involved a call to get involved in a Chatroulette “Creep Roulette” competition. The premise is simple: Send through your creepiest SABRE-related Chatroulette screenshot, win some free sunglasses. You can check out the details on that here.

Only days later I discovered that French fashion label FCUK have also launched a Chatroulette challenge, offering up $250 worth of free FCUK goodies for those savvy social media dudes who manage to “charm a woman on Chatroulette”. You can read more about the challenge here, and check out the attempts thusfar.

There has been a fair amount of debate already even in these early days, about the suitability of Chatroulette for marketing activity. I do believe both of these competitions are cleverly-executed forays into Chatroulette as a space for brands. I have read many bloggers and bonafide Marketing practitioners alike argue that Chatroulette is not worth the time invested, due to the fact it is a one-on-one interaction and therefore cannot reach a mass audience. However, these competitions tap into the reach of Chatroulette beyond the one-one-one connection of users, by prompting users to screenshot their activity and share it with the brand (and, no doubt, as a flow on effect, their friends also, via multiple other social media channels). The end result is in effect, branded meme-like content. The activity at this Early Adopter stage has also helped to position the brands as edgy purveyors of cultural phenomenons (such as Chatroulette), which is not something that is easy to pull off, and an invaluable quality for a young lifestyle or fashion brand.

My kudos go out to these brands for using Chatroulette in a cheeky and daring way. What are your thoughts?

Dreamteam increasing Social Glue

Sport and music have to be the best social glue going around.

Professional Sport can help to make complete strangers friends. At the end of day friendships are formed on how many interactions you have with a person and how positive these experiences are. Sport gives us a reason to have more interactions with someone. For instance following the Parramatta Eels, I have become a lot closer with people who follow the Eels or take an interest in NRL.

This year I have jumped on the Dreamteam/Fantasy Football bandwagon. It has taken watching and discussing the sport to a whole new level.

What if brands could play this role? Brands could increase the social glue between two friends. I think Red Bull did this well for awhile with the game Rooshambull on Facebook.

It is interesting to note that Dreamteam/Fantasy Football is already becoming a subject in itself with break off sites discussing the strategy of picking a Dreamteam. In particular, for AFL DT Talk have created a site which is being sponsored by Boags Draught at the moment.

They have also recruited one of the most talented Australian Youtubers, Alex Williamson.

Facebook Newsfeed Optimisation (FNO)

Bad Ads via lamebook.com

The homepage/newsfeed is the holy grail of Facebook for Branded Pages. However for a lot of Branded Pages their information doesn't get to fans feeds because of the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm. Because there is so much information Facebook tries to make the feed as relevant to you as possible. They work out relevancy using three criteria.

1. How many friends are commenting on a certain piece of content - This is how many people out of your networks have become friends with the Page, the more people the better. I have also observed that the story can come up in your news feed multiple times as more people join.

2. Who posted the content (how many interactions have you had with them in the past) - The more times someone visits your Page the more chance you have of getting

3. What type of content it is (e.g. photo, video, or status update). As far as I can tell they preference joining Pages and Pictures rank pretty high whereas joining Groups and commenting on Pages or Status updates from Pages is not as highly valued.

If anyone has anymore information on FNO, please feel free to share.

Finding my Ted – Introducing Arturo Escartin

I am super excited to say that my quest to find my partner in crime/ digital producer has ended, connecting me to one of the people I have admired for awhile online, Arturo Escartin (@kripy and one of the Brown Cardigan head honchos).

TCO and I are very lucky to have such a creative and knowledgeable person joining the team. Arturo comes from Modular Records where he was the Digital Manager and helped create their new website and also worked on a number of other projects including building and content managing the VRaw project. Watch this space for some kick arse work that we will be creating in the upcoming months.

We will be looking in the not to distant future for a Junior Digital Strategist/Community Manager to be joining our emerging digital team, so if you know anyone who would be suitable let me know.