The 5 best flash mobs of all time

Being less than 10 years old a lot of people are suggesting flash mobs are dead but after the weekend it is evident that there is still a chance to go bigger and better.

5. Valentines Day Pillow fight
One of the earliest flash mobs recorded to Youtube back in 2006 in San Francisco.

4. The T Mobile Dance
The first brand to nail a Flash Mob, it is also one of the most successful viral videos on Youtube at the moment

3. Improv Everywhere
This put the group Improv Everywhere on the map, it was also one of the first flash mobs to get real mainstream success in early 2008, it now has over 21 million views

2. Black Eyed Peas and Oprah
The biggest flash mob of 2010, they added another layer by including a band in BEP. It is amazing the sheer size of this dance.

1. Eurovision 2010
Marek pointed me in the direction of this video on the weekend. My jaw dropped as I thought about the amount of pre-production that would of have gone into creating this.

The remote audience

Something that I didn’t think much about before I began at TCO was the remote audience. The remote audience are the people who do not attend an event but view the event through media at a later stage. An important part of event amplification.

One of the best examples I saw of this was Diet Coke's Real Woman. It was before my time at TCO. They were tasked with filming the Rosemount Fashion Week for Diet Coke, instead of just filming the event they chose to create a story out of the event - 'Real Woman (watch the 2min video here)'. They found a girl of the street and made her into a catwalk model for one day. A more compelling story for the remote audience.

Another good example is Dr.Pepper's Chatroulette Cheerleader - (Zac has a good post on short term activity too)

Have you seen any other good examples of content for a remote experience?

Event Amplification Online - Case Study - Alienware Clan Challenge

So one of the projects that I have worked on recently is the Dell Alienware Clan Challenge. It is a great example of taking an offline event which has a rich experience for a small number people and using online to help amplify it to the masses.

The Conscience Organisation and MediaCom Sydney organised and ran the Alienware Clan Challenge 2010 which saw the best Australian Call of Duty players congregate in Sydney to battle it out.

Off the back of this we created a highlights reel of the event. We put a content distribution strategy in place and had a great result of getting the video to the third most viewed clip in Australia (April 29th) and most viewed Australian Gaming video (Daily and Weekly). It has currently had over 60,000 views and is increasing by the day.