Advertising Mirror a ineffective channel

I used to be all for ambient marketing but this latest technology of advertising mirrors just has so many problems. They have clearly not thought through the functionality of a mirror and when and how people use it. When the girl tries to step back to have a look at her full body the mirror goes back to the advertisement. When the consumer tries to read what is on the ad because they have bad eyes, the ad reverts to a mirror.

From bad ambient to good ambient- Wonderbra

This ambient marketing campaign works because as the over used word states it ‘cuts through’. It cuts through in this case because it takes a known process that has become part of everyday life, the sliding billboard everyone is aware of its process. However when the unexpected happens (the next slide doesn’t come through) it captures people attention. I think this piece works great because it sits on the fine line between a mistake and great marketing. Online Parking Spots

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Is an online marketplace for parking spaces, enabling drivers to search for and book spaces before they leave home, and letting British homeowners monetize unused parking spaces by adding them to the Peasy network. This is a great idea for people who don’t use their car spaces in urban areas. However I can only see it working with people leasing one year spots instead of booking a different spot daily which they are trying to promote as well. As it just seems like too much work for too little value on a daily basis.

Neuro Study to predict Viral Success

OTOInsights: "One to One Interactive and Innerscope Research had 25 individuals observe 11 viral videos that were uploaded to Our hypothesis was that neurological measures of media engagement could accurately predict the ratings that the NewGrounds online community assigned to viral content.

While observing the 11 viral videos, each participant wore Innerscope's state-of-the-art smart clothing which translated noninvasive measures of brain activity into an easy to interpret, time-locked index of emotional engagement. One to One Interactive developed multiple regression models to determine if a videoĆ¢€™s rank score on the NewGrounds website could be predicted from the results of the study. The results of the analysis revealed that the reviewer assigned score (1-10) on the New Grounds website could be predicted with an accuracy of 76.8%."

Viral of the Week- Delta Ghetto Airline

Hyundai Locate 3 strangers contest

Seen at adverlab 'Hyundai is running this Mash+Seek contest where they pick 16 people, split them in four groups, and then have the contestants locate the three other people in their teams. The only lead is a quarter of a face, although Hyundai is promising more tips. "The first team of four to find one another wins a new Elantra each."

This is a very cool way to do "consumer-generated content" because guess what? The challenge is not only about locating someone, it is also about making yourself visible, somehow. Blogs? Postings on Craigslist? Google AdWords? I'd do a typical chain letter asking everyone to forward it on.'

The site is

Nokia now remembers who their customers are.

In recent times Nokia has become one of the least favoured products for one of their most important customers - the salesperson.

Over the last year Nokia has seen tremendous scrutiny surrounding their various products.
For one, every phone released had a ELF (Early Life Failure) rating of 30% (According to private sources). Now, Nokia does sell lots and lots and lots and lots of phones.
Even with the Nokia rewards scheme, salespeople still sell Nokias.

But many have had enough. Salespeople are required to push the most reliable phones on the market to customers as to avoid backlash from these customers according to the policies of many organisations within the telecommunications industry.

Nokia noticed their sales have started to lose their balance over the last few months around Melbourne and Sydney losing ground to Sony Ericsson and Samsung. (according to franchise information)

Nokia in response to this have held several launch parties for their new N95. This is held for again one of their most important customers: The salespeople. They are required to come to these parties where several celebrities as well as Nokia representatives are showing the N95 to those involved in the sales side of it all.

Now as one of the first to actually get to use this product, I think Nokia has finally got their groove back.

Viral site by Nokia N95, interesting way to make consumers engage;

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Interesting way they first engage the customer through a midly entertaining microsite and then they take you to a site that really just is hammering away at the product attributes. But great technology used and doesn’t look like they have spared any dollars making the site.

Streakers Love Story - Viral Website

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Scott and Emma’s (streaker) love story is a very nice viral for clothing company rare|wear. You can watch the video on the campaign microsite where users are also engaged to submit their own love stories.
The company behind it is rare/wear

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