Great Insight and hot woman: JBs Underwear Girls

Great simple insight that changes Men Underwear Advertising.

Check out more their latest campaign here

JB's Underwear 'Men don't want to look at other naked men'

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Marton Merton and Connex on track!

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Connex new campaign is out and I am a big fan. Leo Burnett have created the fictional character of Dr.Martin Merton, who has a PHD in Train Etiquette. He is in Melbourne, Australia to help commuters with train etiquette.

This reminds me of the campaign that Naked Communication did with setting up the fake company for Hypnomarketing. Creating a rich story around a communications idea. The campaign is a great example of Intergrated Marketing Communication.

With intergration being launched around the hub of the website But then there is free book signings at diffrerent stations. I have seen outdoor media for the campaign and also banners on Myspace. The content (consisting on tutorial videos) of the site was suprisngly funny and risque in terms of advertising for public transport.

Leo Burnett have carried on from their Cannes Shortlisted work for Connex 'TXT whatever the delay'

Photos sourced from Duncan's Print

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Elle Macpherson Intimates

Clearly this is great they have made the action just off the product on the people but have been able to intergrate the Elle Mac line in through having the girls dressed in the clothes. You dont need to give men many reason to look at the Elle Mac new line but if the girls are blowing bubbles out their mouth, well that makes for rivoting watching. Great complement and itergration into Online Social Networks with all the girls having Myspace profiles.

Man Cans a winner

Man Cans the site has been registered by Cadbury Schweppes. I have got no idea what product it could be for.

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You may have seen on television the recent Man Can ads. The ad shows men in different scenario's growing Man Cans. Have a look at the videos. This has all the qualities that I talk about over at Musing from Julian Cole of a good campaign.

1. Great integration
The TVC are witty and sharp. There is a slick integration to online with the website flashing up in the last scene. Giving people enough interest to investigate further onto the website.

2. Suspense
I actually have never thought of it this way but i think it is better to set up the joke and then hit them with the brand/product/company. Lynx is currently doing a campaign for Lynx Soap Amnesty which is asking all male soap users everywhere to drop the soap and pick up Lynx Showergel but they have made it clear from the start that it is for Lynx. I still have no idea who is behind Man Cans.

3. Great online support
They do not only have one site but they have 2 other side sites that complement the major site (Celebrity Man Tape and Bra Bro). This has also already got a great bit of publicity around the Blogosphere.

Lowe+Rivet kicking goals

I have been really impressed with Lowe+Rivet work lately. It seems I am not the only one who thinks this either with the agency picking up two AFA Advertising Effectiveness Awards on Thursday night.

The campaigns that have grabbed my attention is their work they have done for Stella Artois Screen. They have launched two direct campaigns for two of the big movie screenings Fight Club and The Shining.

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For Fight Club they painted up bar tenders to look like they had been in a massive fight and they left the customers to ask what happened. The barmen would then slide a napkin across the table that had the url written on it. Customers registered on the website and were invited to the screening.

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For The Shining Groups of passers by were invited into the depths of The Stella Artois Gold Room by pale strangers dressed in coat and tails. Guests then followed the sound of 1920s ballroom music anticipating the buzz of a crowded bar only to be confronted by the lone bartender, Lloyd.

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The visitors were then directed to another room located down a dark corridor where they’d find other scary cues from the film. On entering room 237, another stranger would ask them to write their details in the guest register so they could be contacted.

The Brisbane locals that didn’t run out screaming left the bar with a mysterious invitation and code to enter a website –

Other great work they are currently behind include;

Another great campaign they have running at the moment is MTV Vote for Snoop.

Which is a group of viral videos with rapper Snoop Dogg trying to get people to vote for Snoop Dogg to get citizenship in Australia. Very clever.

Save Snoop - Episode 1

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Check out all 15 videos here


The A League ads which picked up a Gold at the effectiveness awards.

Social Bookmarking explained in plain english

The folks at Common Craft who are behind Wiki in Plain English came up with a new video which explains social bookmarking for the not so techie audience.

Web 3.0 Explanation

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was recently at the Seoul Digital Forum where he was asked to define Web 3.0 by an audience member.

Ideas factory

A clever idea. An ideas factory, The Ides of March is a one man company (Marcus) that has set up a business where he sells ideas to companies. You pay how much you think the idea is worth and if you dont pay for the idea he will blog about it. Check out the website here

Here is what he has done for The Age of Conversation.

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E-Cultural Hiacking 3: Zune Balmer

It seems to be a CEO of a tech company these days, you have to have had a lobotomy. This cultural hijacking comes from Microsoft's answer to the iPod the 'Zune', the new unofficial ad jakcs the famous iPod imagery. Great little mash-up and the original is even funnier.

Ad for Zune

Steve Balmer CEO of Microsoft a little crazy

Mapping the Online Social Network Landscape

If you are struggling to keep up with all the new Online Social Network trends here is a map.

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Someone has made a map based on the new digital landscape. The map is based on the population of the different sites. The map is a little old with updates of the likes of Twitter and the growth of Facebook but it is still very interesting.

Smirnoff Tea Partay sequel a real fizzer!

This is the sequel to the Gold Cannes Viral Winning Tea Partay. It is a great laugh but I struggle to see how this won a Gold Cannes.

Sure it is very funny, but what is it communicating about the product. To me the people who are drinking it are the people who are being laughed at. To the target market it communicates 'If i drink this, I will just be like one of those idiots from the video.'

However it has once again generated alot of hype being one of the most viewed clips on Youtube.

And the original

Affluenza Melbourne's Digital Viral Success.

I often put down the digital material that comes out of Melbourne but World Vision has helped to restore some faith. There latest clip for the 40 hour famine is a winner. I think this maybe the work of Sputnik Advertising Agency. With over 600,000 views it is kicking goals for a great cause. Check it out.

Podcast is out, Just like Little Johnny

What do Peter Wagstaff and John Howard have in common?

They both use super cool web 2.0 application to talk to people.

In the latest episode of Marketing Today Podcast, I sit on the couch and talk to Peter about John Howard msierable attempt at Youtube and my new favourite topic of 'hijacking e-cultural icons'

Here is the John Howard clip

and the Consumer Generated Mash Up

Faris and Iain on the Web

One of my favourite bloggers going around at the moment is Faris Yakob, he writes Talent Imitates, Genuis Steals. This is a thought provoking blog, well worth reading. He sat down and talked about the web with Iain Tait at Ideas Forum in Romania.

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Check it out here

I seem to have this habit of creating an image in my head of what radio presenters look like. It always shocks me when I actually see them in real life and they look nothing like what I had imagined. This happened with Faris, the ideas that he comes up with made me think he was some wise old man.