The DNA for winning at Cannes

A re occurring theme this year with the Lions, was the integration of new technology into campaigns. Of particular note was the use of DNA, the Grand Prix Promo Lion Bonded by Blood. Adidas released a poster every year of the All Blacks team. This year they used the blood of the people.

A winner of the Bronze Direct Lion was Tooheys Extra Dry Human Testing Program. Which also used DNA testing, asking for people to send in some form of DNA to test if they could be apart of the program.

Grand Prix for the Melbourne Airwaves

Surprise in Radio Lions as Clemenger Melbourne picked up the Grand Prix for their Hoedown campaign for Snickers (listen here).

Bumping out the favourite Bud Lught Beer Mr. Ads (listen here) and Grey South Africa, Geronimo Condoms
(listen here)

Australia still not yet getting Digital

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Australia still has a long way to go in terms of competing in terms of making great digital campaigns. However Tequila flew the Australian flag and picked up a Bronze Lion for the cyber category for there campaign ‘Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny’. The campaign was quite strong with a number of interactive elements. Some of my favorite elements were the moving Mosh Pit and Vandalsing of other websites. Check it out here.

Congratulations to the gang over at Adverblog who picked up the Grand Prix with their campaign for

Naked pick up a Bronze Lion

Congratulations to Naked Communication for bagging a Bronze Cannes Media Lion. Check out my original Hypnomarketing Post on the campaign back in November.

And for the other winners Cannes Lion Awards.

Back to the Future of the Internet

If you can get passed the annoying computer voice, this is an interesting view of the history of the internet and future predictions of where we are heading.

Jott this gem down

An interesting new product Jott. As picked up by Tech Crunch 'A user calls a specific phone number and leaves a voice message along with a recipient or recipients (an obvious use for Jott will be for people to leave themselves quick notes). The voice message will then be converted from voice into text and delivered via email or SMS. The recipient or recipients can choose between reading the text or listening to the original voice message.'

Facebook gaining on Myspace

It seems that Myspace may have hit its critical mass. According to Alexa, Myspace may be reaching a plateau in popularity. It has just gone from 5th to 6th most viewed website. While facebook another online social network site has gone from 26th up to 17th most viewed website.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The formula to making Viral - Haggar Ads

I got passed this ad from a friend. So I am guessing this definitely had gone viral because this product category is quite irrelevant to me. However it is a really great way to show how to make an effective advertised viral.

You cannot make ads like they were on television, it is much easier for a person to turn offon youtube, they just change to 1 of 1,000 other channels. The advertised message should be intertwined into the video. You have to make sure that you hook the audience before giving them the message.

Set the story up (hook) ---- give the message --- knock em down with the ending and make it viral.

The Haggar ads are great example of how to use this formula, they have set the scene up with what they are going to do and then they give you the information about the product and then you get the reward for watching. In the example of the dog poo they tell you what they are going to do, tell you about the reliability of the pants and then hit you with the entertaining ending.

If they had put it at the end the viewer will just switch off. Putting it at the start people will get bored and not want to watch. Slicing it in the middle people are committed to the story.

The effective was to go viral is simple;
Set the story up (hook) ---- give the message --- knock em down with the ending and make it viral.

Here are some other Haggar Ads

Nike integration of culture

I think this is a great campaign an example of intergrating culture into a brand.

Nike and BBDO Argentina made an artistic intervention in the neighborhood of La Boca (in Buenos Aires) having football as the main theme with the aim of generating a legacy and making an authentic contribution to the life of this place.

La Boca is the neighborhood in Buenos Aires which is more deeply related to football and it is a magical neighborhood due to its architecture, its people and the cultural value given by its own inhabitants. In Barrio Bonito the spirit of the neighborhood football game and the arts come together hand in hand with a brand which is associated to the beautiful game around the world. (more)

Four Eyed Monsters

The first entire feature film on YouTube, although only up there for 1 week. Interesting background to it is that the filmmakers struck a win-win deal with movie review website who will pay them $1 for everyone who joins up.

Wiki in plain english

I love these vodcast by common cast. Again they produce an informative explanation of how a new phenomena works.

The unseen audience

Live performers have been receiving a lot of attention lately for all the wrong reasons.

Case 1. Enrique serenades another man.

Case 2. Akon throws person into crowd

In a live performance someone throws a bottle at Akon, he gets the person on stage and then dangerously throws them back into the crowd.

You are not just performing to the visible audience in front of you but also a larger secondary audience. Where Enrique I am assuming was playing in a gay club and that behaviour would have been looked at in a favourable light. In the harsh reality of Youtube the response has not been so complementary. Same with the case for Akon