Clinchers in Online Video Content

I was watching 20 to 1 the other night and realized that they have a really good content format. They somehow hook you into watching the whole episode, you need to know what Number One is. The Clincher. I think that all online video content needs a clinchers. I think this is a great example of creating the clincher. I might even try this for my next update of the Top 50 Australian Marketing Blogs

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Computer Geeks are the future leaders

This is an amazing presentation on time, geography and the effect it has on different cultures and their outlook on life. (via Nicola Swankie)

I always thought that I wanted to live somewhere where it was Summer all year around but this makes me happy that I live in a seasonal city.

Anyway, I think this is a great presentation however I think Philip Zimbardo might go overboard when he starts talking about kids who play computer games having no social skills. There is a lot of research that suggests that playing multi player computer games such as World of Warcraft help to teach you invaluable business skills of teamwork and leadership. Just look at Stephen Gillett, CIO for Starbucks and avid WOW player.

Influencers and Splendour in the Grass

I am speaking at the Influencing Online Communities AIMIA event next Wednesday (July 28th). I am speaking about Blogger Outreach and identifying Online Influencers. I think it will be a great panel as I am also speaking with Matt Hehman from Facebook and Grace Gordon who has guest posted on here a number of times and has just been hired by Soap (who have just done a great presentation on breaking down the Facebook Myths).

I am also very excited to be speaking at Splendour in the Grass (best speaking gig ever!). I will be speaking on the Privacy and Social Media panel, in particular the effect it has on getting a job and bosses Facebook Stalking. If you have any good stories or pearls of wisdoms on Privacy and Social Media feel free to share.

Top 10 4Chan Memes

I am writing a piece on 4Chan for my old University Newspaper Esperanto at the moment and I made a list of the top 4Chan Memes. I find 4Chan really interesting check out the TED Talk with owner of 4Chan moot.

1. LOLCats

2. Sending Justin Bieber to North Korea via an online vote

3. Introduced the world to Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

4. RickRolling – 4Chan created the meme of RickRolling people

5. Tracked down a cat abuser who was posting videos to Youtube.

6. Time’s Most Influential People of All Time – 4Chan have hacked the public online vote for the last four years and put their leader Moot (creator of 4Chan) before the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela for the last 5 years.

7. Hoaxed a story about Steve Jobs having a heart attack, the story got all the way to CNN and it sent Apples share price free falling for 24 hours.

8. Helped Zach “the wheelchair bound lady magnet” to win a contest to be a guest host on Oprah’s show.

9. Pedobear making it into a Polish Newspaper

10. Longcat is Lonnnnnggggg

Animated GIFs the most engaging form of content on the web

Animated GIFs are small animation based on successively displayed images.

In my opinion the most engaging form of content on the web because

- they are short fast snippets means they get straight to the point

- they're looped which means that you are hit with the joke over and over again.

- they are also eye catching as they are animated without the user even having to do anything on the page.

In the meme dungeons of the Internet (4Chan and other forum boards), GIFS are prevalent. However they never really get critical cross over into the mainstream Internet as they lack the important ingredients;

- hard to replicate or create,

- Facebook currently doesn’t allow this type of file for good reason to, if you remember all those heinous designed Myspace Pages, most of them were GIF.

However it is good to see BrownCardigan and The Vine Best of the Interweb are pushing these out there.

2 years of grafting (time capsule)

It is coming up to two years of full time work for me. I have learnt a lot in this short amount of time. I think I am going to answer the following four questions every 2 years (or for as long as this blog lasts).

What are the biggest learnings from the last 2 years?

It is all about the people around you, if you have a good team you are going to be able to do amazing things.

Social Media Disconnect
There is a massive disconnect between why people initially get sucked into Social Media and what it actually is. The Social Media Disciples (I used to be one of them) who blindly believe that Social Media is the answer and the new form of marketing are living in La La Land.

Some hard bitter truth pills;
Blogger Outreach is a lot of hard work for not a big return
There are no solid Social Media Monitoring tools for Australia
Twitter is a waste of resource for 95% of companies

Best campaign you have seen?

I think the Toohey’s Extra Dry Birds vs Humans was amazing in terms of the launch, I think it definitely lifted the bar in terms of Digital Outreach. I was amazed it didn’t pick up more Awards.

What agencies are capturing your attention?

I have always had massive respect for Naked and Droga. I love the way that One Green Bean and Host work into each other, they always seems to come up with great ideas. I am interested to see what MediaCom do with their full house of superstars. If I were to start my career the other agencies that would be high on the list would be Holler, Three Drunk Monkeys, SOAP, and BMF. Overseas – CP+B, Undercurrent, R/GA, Barbarian, Goodby, W+K

What do I want to be doing in 2 years?

The latest campaign that I have done for Boost Mobile, I have been the creative lead on the project. I have loved every minute of this it. The ability to come up with the ideas and then lay out the whole plan and channels is definitely something that really interests me. I guess I could see myself as a Creative Director for Engagement Campaigns.

I think online content (especially video) is going to have a revival in this market. I definitely feel that there is a real opportunity for a company/individual to step up and own the online video content space in Australia, I am really going to concentrate on making TCO the go to company in this space.