Placement, Product Placement (Bond in perspective)

Forgive my corny title for this piece, but for those of you who have seen the latest SONY entertainment film, Casino Royale you have probably noticed the big clumps of product placement within this film. In the past Lotus and BMW have partaken in the product-placement frenzy that is the Bond film.

A bold strategy by Sony was to only include SONY digital products, a single Ford Mondeo (which is discarded rather quickly) and only retained a couple of classic Aston Martins and the classic and a rather pricey OMEGA watch.

The k800i, the k610i as well as various cybershot products made it onto the scene, for more info about these products visit

This of course followed by a large exposure to class with a mix of action (and a rather painful looking torture scene).

Web 2.0 - 2006 Person of the Year

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If it were not anymore evident why Web 2.0 was so important, Time Magazine have made the 2006 Person of the Year - You/Web2.0.

Check the article out here ;,9171,1569514,00.html?aid=434&from=o&to=http%3A//

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Advertising and Gaming - a perfect match?

Digital entertainment through the likes of gaming over the past couple of years has been taken to new heights due to the increased interest globally in the world of gaming.
Like weightlifting back in the 60’s, video gaming was once considered the domain of the geeks, and was only a way of getting your behind kicked by bigger kids back in high school.

Now gaming has become the most lucrative entertainment business on the planet spawning billions of dollars for companies involved, the three main players include Microsoft, Sony and probably the owners of the most recognizable face in the industry (Mario), Nintendo.

Advertisers see this as an opportunity for product placement within many games, as with the recent Burger King game, games such as Anarchy Online, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos theory have cashed in their user base to attract advertisements from the likes of Warner Brothers, and AXE deodorants to name a couple.




These are only a few of the advertisements that have been featured in videogames, other companies who have taken advantage of videogame advertising include Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds and yes even Playboy has made itself a videogame franchise with the Playboy Mansion game, you get to be Hef for $79.95AUD.

What more could one ask?

Subliminal Marketing!

Check out this video if you do not believe subliminal marketing works.

It is tough!

The latest online viral video trend for companies is showing the extreme durability of their product. Not a new concept but the environment is just right for these ideas to really get some great coverage. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of video file sharing sites such as youtube.

The reason why these clips work is because they help to highlight the products major strength while at the same time being quite engaging for the consumer. Great projects for brand recognition.

The first example is the Triumph boats in the US, which are as seen in the clips unbreakable boats.

They do the Bubba test where they drag a boat behind a car with no trailer!

Check out the website for further examples

The second example comes from Blendtec which has a high-powered food blender product. They have decided to show how powerful the product is by blending bizarre objects. The current video shows golf balls being blended. Other examples include marbles, credit cards and ball bearings

Check out the website for further experiments

This is a great success story as Blendtec is the 59th most subscribed channel on youtube. It has also acted as a great PR tool as other media have run with it, like the example below. A radio station in the US did their own Blending experiment on air.

This is an interesting example in itself as they did a mash-up of two online meme’s when they did a blending experiment with the current Wii controller

Here is the radio mashup of the two events

And here are the two videos they stole the ideas from
Blendtec video over 100,000 views


Smashing Wii over 60,000 views

The Next G (Of Advertising).

It’s been coming for a long time in Australia, since the GSM network was first released organisations have been making use of SMS capabilities to send out messages regarding products, services and competitions that they are offering to their target consumers.
Nightclubs have made very large use of this technology, and with all technologies they evolve, a couple of years we saw the 3G network within the marketplace, but lack of churn from GSM to 3G made it difficult for marketers to decide to implement 3G technology in their IMC campaigns.

Being able to justify the use of such technology as a part of advertising campaigns is difficult in such an up and down industry, maybe the Next G will change the face of mobile advertising as we know it?

On a more negative side, will the Next G be the Next Flop for Telstra and advertisers?

What advertising content does the Next G provide?

Sensis as well as a number of leading advertising agencies have recently teamed up with Bigpond to begin advertising on Telstra’s whopping 850mhz network. Currently advertisers can choose from a variety of banners, links and even video content to send out to Next G customers. These capabilities were recently trialed by advertisers to display the full potential of the Next G in creating advertising campaigns.

Ms Claire Barwell the group manager of Sensis MediaSmart further believes that more market research needs to be put into this new network, as advertising wasn’t exactly the most feasible option with the 3G network due to a lack of knowledge surrounding usage of network capabilities of users.

She then went on to state that “Sensis is looking to develop our knowledge of the consumer response to mobile advertising, specifically testing usage rates, click throughs and the suitability of advertising messages to mobile delivery”.
“We aim to understand how and when advertisements are accessed and responded to and will track which types of users and devices are the most and least active.”
“We hope to further develop the model for how new media is monetised and delivered in Australia, capitalizing on the extraordinary opportunities afforded us by our inclusion in the Telstra family,” she commented.

Is 3G an attractive advertising option?

Even now not all mobile phones that are released have 3G, mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony Ericsson have only recently joined the 3G battle arena for the struggle between the networks involving current 3G veterans, Nokia and Motorola.
Popular models such as the D600, and the k750i did not arrive with 3G capabilities, so network users were divided between 3G and GSM. Samsung has only just released their first 3G mobile in Australia, the Z400.

Recently however Nokia has pushed 3G adoptions with the release of the 6280, the N series mobiles as well as the 6233, but now that the Next G has been released, it may be too little, too late.

Late adopters may not be ready for the Next G and are more likely to get an older model phone and not bother with 3G at all. Usually people get new mobile phones in a much cheaper fashion – the re-contract or the non 3G supported network of prepaid.

Late adoption of these technologies due to re-contract dates also makes it difficult for consumers to keep up with technological advances; Optus offer various methods of early re-contracts such as contract rollback. This allows users to keep up with the latest mobile technology available to them.

Maybe it’s time Telstra pushed more people through the geek portal to join the Next Generation of mobile technology?

Check out the Telstra Next G’s awesome website @

Also read up on G Whiz stories @

Sensis on Next G technology

The punks create awareness through controversial memorable events!

Last night I was one of 200 people, who were paid $50 to sit through an entertaining yet controversial Australian first hypno-marketing session at the Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne put on by clothing youth brand Golf Punk. Similar to any hypnosis show they made people do stupid things like pretend they were eating ice cream, milk a cow etc., except at the end they hypnotized the members into thinking Golf Punk was the ultimate brand.

Another sign traditional media no longer cuts through. Golf Punk used Experiential marketing as a platform to create awareness; traditionally a job for the TVC and radio spot. I discuss below (Sorry for the long post but I found this a really interesting sign of the times)
One of the latest buzz words floating around marketing blogs is transumerism. The word helps to define the new type of consumer who is no longer after tangible product but more interested in spending their money on having experiences, capturing special moments. Experiential Marketing is businesses response to this trend.

Experiential Marketing started off not as a response for transumerism but as a way for the consumer to experience the product first hand, for example free samples of food at the supermarket, a recent innovative example was letting runners in NY Central Park trial the Apple ipod plus for a week and Ikea furniture being placed at bus stops around NY.
However now experiential marketing has taken a turn toward the way B2B have been using the tool, they are now interested in giving the consumer an experience that may not be directly related to the features of the product but which help to transpire the brands identity and message. B2B have been using this by entertaining clients through corporate boxes at sporting events. An example of consumer experiential marketing event is Coke Live ’06 where they created an event which had all local cutting edge bands this helped to show the brands message off as a brand that was interested in having fun and also associating themselves with the underground music scene.

Last night I think I saw the newest form of experiential marketing; I see this as a changing of the time, traditional media is no longer towing the line. The 30sec TVC used to be seen as the best way to create awareness of a product. Experiential Marketing is usually used to help fulfil the higher order needs such as brand loyalty and trialing. Last night it was used as a tool for awareness.

Now the event is over get ready for the word of mouth campaign to start, this will only be boosted by the web2.0 climate, making communication amongst the internet generation having a larger reach and frequency.

I know in my own case I have told numerous people about the bizarre event. I posted a myspace bulletin to my friends list before the event asking if anyone want to come with me and if golf punk put a video up on of the event there is a high chance I will show it to my friends who are interested in that stuff and lastly I have written this blog about the event. So there you go I am doing my bit for Golf Punk, or is that only because I have been hypnotized???

The only criticism would be when I tried to find the Golf Punk website, I got peanuts. This is unfortunate seeing they created such a great campaign to not have a website is a bit of an oversight, as consumers need to be able to go to the next level of the purchase decision model and by not having a frame of reference you are turning away many potential customers. If any video are released on or on their website I will make sure to put them up here. Check out their website for more details

The power of word-of-mouth: killing the UCLA brand in less than 4 days

Anyone who follows the video file sharing sites will have seen the interest over the student being filmed getting innocently tasered at UCLA by police. I think this is the start of an interesting time for publicity industry. The video (I think it could be done by a student phone camera is a rough job where you really are just hearing an innocent student getting tasered repeatedly for not showing his student card. The playing field is changing fast for publicist. With the introduction of youtube, google and myspace video file sharing sites, I will show you the grave future of the industry through the recent example of the UCLA brand is currently going through.

Imagine this incident happened in 14th November 2004. Boy gets tasered in the UCLA library the following ensues.

The 100 people who were witnessed to the event would have been appalled by the actions of the UCLA police and would have told the people in their social network for the next week (max 30ppl each). It may have also been in the latest edition of the University Paper.

3,000 people would have heard about it plus another 10,000 from the local papers. 13,000 people opinion of UCLA and UCLA security have now taken a major battering this is a nightmare for the UCLA publicist.

Now fast forward to this accident happening in 14th November 2006. A student is lucky enough to have his phone camera with him and captures the events unfold. He goes home and puts it up on youtube that night and tells his 30 friends about it.

4 Days later, 1,100,000 people have viewed the footage. Unlike the people in 2003 they haven’t just heard about the incident they have viewed the footage

. If 13,000 people is a nightmare what is 1,100,000 telling 30 people for the next week what they saw on youtube?
Word of mouth network is no longer your consumer’s local 30 friends; it is all now the 400 friends on their myspace account, the 200 people who subscribe to their youtube videos and the 10,000 people who posts on the forum of their favourite sports club.

Shell algorithm for viral video success

Great formula for success

Low budget film crew + Michael Schumacher + Spin on current topic of interest + Releasing virally on video file sharing site = Cost effective way of improving brand identity + one last leveraging op from relationship with Schumacher.

Nike is great at copying too

Once again Nike has been caught ripping ideas off other companies. However the funny thing is they get away with it because they have a much bigger audience than the ads they have copied

Here is the latest version of what they have copied with their new golf ball and here is the original millers light beer cannon that they copied it from.

Check it out at
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Here is the second example of them ripping off an idea. With Nike Skate

Original Art work
Robin Rhode

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If you want to see more companies ripping off street artist check out this blog at

Next Level Up- Lifts, Stairs and Steps Advertising

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The text is translated as saying 'Your Kids will grow Fast!'

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'Dont get robbed by High Bank Fees'

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Second half of the argument pro Ambient Plus InShop Ambient

Carrying on from the debate I had last week about the pro’s and con’s of ambient here is the second installment of the debate;

2. You are not getting nearly enough views as traditional media

It is all about segmentation of the market. We were looking at the example below for Pantene shop door advertising; he started talking about the how you are only getting the people walking into the store.

Well yes he was correct, you are only getting the people walking in to the store but these people are at the right stage of the buying process they are going into the store to buy products, so you are hitting them with this great cut through advertising just before they are about to give some money over to the chemist.

Here is a collection of in shop ambient campaigns Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The second one here is a great one for Men's Magazine Che in the USA
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The Third one is for a light whipped cream company which puts a mouth at the end of the supermarket conveyer belt. This is the first time i have seen this space being used.
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Troubles with Ambient Marketing and Virility

I was having a conversation the other day with a marketer about the many advantages of ambient marketing. He then got me on two great points at the time I thought made ambient marketing sound like an absolutely dismal channel of communication. However like any good argument I used to have with my parents, I would always think of the great comebacks 15 minutes later. To which I am writing this blog.

You cannot measure eyeballs on Ambient campaigns.

Tell me, what is the difference between the eyeballs on a billboard and a pole in the ground pictured below? The second channel just has not been measured yet. With measuring technology (hypertags) coming forward in leaps and bounds I think the measurement of ambient campaigns is just around the corner and more and more advertiser will confidently use ambient.

The second argument I will post next week. If anyone else has any arguments against ambient, let me know because I have now taken on the role of unofficial spokesperson for more Ambient Marketing in Advertising Plans.

This week I compiled a group of Advertisements for Condoms and Viagra a field that is not afraid to use ambient to communicate their message.

P.S I am missing a great one I have seen done by Levitra a Viagra condom, they sponsored all the up buttons in a lift, with text like ‘íf you need a hand getting up try levitra’. If I find it I will post it.

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Another great one from the toliets, which could of gone in last weeks

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At a railway station men and woman were told by Durex that they had portection at all times againist hitting there woman bums. I like the idea of advertising on the pass through gates because you know you have high traffic and would be easy to count number of eyeballs on ad.

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At half time in Brazil they covered the goals with Jontex which shows that Jontex condoms protect you from everything. Again you know how many people are watching. Great idea!

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Bathroom Pioneers

Bathroom Advertising Pioneers

The following is a great collection of advertising space that are cutting through to the consumer in the toliet. A great space to be with target consumer having nothing better to do than sit round and pay attention to your message.

The first one advertising Kill Bill Movie. I am not to sure if the image of blood would illicit negative connotations with the movie.

The use of the soap dispenser in the next ad, I do not know what it is promoting dont know if they would be able to get away with this in Australia too.

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From New Zealand the stickers are placed in mens urinals. When the sticker come in touch with urine they reveal the sticker of 'If you drink then drive you are a bloody idiot.' When flushed with clean water they are covered with black again.

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Quirky advertisement for woman to get Brazillians. The ad is placed conveniently under the basins