Troubles with Ambient Marketing and Virility

I was having a conversation the other day with a marketer about the many advantages of ambient marketing. He then got me on two great points at the time I thought made ambient marketing sound like an absolutely dismal channel of communication. However like any good argument I used to have with my parents, I would always think of the great comebacks 15 minutes later. To which I am writing this blog.

You cannot measure eyeballs on Ambient campaigns.

Tell me, what is the difference between the eyeballs on a billboard and a pole in the ground pictured below? The second channel just has not been measured yet. With measuring technology (hypertags) coming forward in leaps and bounds I think the measurement of ambient campaigns is just around the corner and more and more advertiser will confidently use ambient.

The second argument I will post next week. If anyone else has any arguments against ambient, let me know because I have now taken on the role of unofficial spokesperson for more Ambient Marketing in Advertising Plans.

This week I compiled a group of Advertisements for Condoms and Viagra a field that is not afraid to use ambient to communicate their message.

P.S I am missing a great one I have seen done by Levitra a Viagra condom, they sponsored all the up buttons in a lift, with text like ‘íf you need a hand getting up try levitra’. If I find it I will post it.

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Another great one from the toliets, which could of gone in last weeks

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At a railway station men and woman were told by Durex that they had portection at all times againist hitting there woman bums. I like the idea of advertising on the pass through gates because you know you have high traffic and would be easy to count number of eyeballs on ad.

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At half time in Brazil they covered the goals with Jontex which shows that Jontex condoms protect you from everything. Again you know how many people are watching. Great idea!

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Bathroom Pioneers

Bathroom Advertising Pioneers

The following is a great collection of advertising space that are cutting through to the consumer in the toliet. A great space to be with target consumer having nothing better to do than sit round and pay attention to your message.

The first one advertising Kill Bill Movie. I am not to sure if the image of blood would illicit negative connotations with the movie.

The use of the soap dispenser in the next ad, I do not know what it is promoting dont know if they would be able to get away with this in Australia too.

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From New Zealand the stickers are placed in mens urinals. When the sticker come in touch with urine they reveal the sticker of 'If you drink then drive you are a bloody idiot.' When flushed with clean water they are covered with black again.

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Quirky advertisement for woman to get Brazillians. The ad is placed conveniently under the basins