NYC bound, Miss u Sydney/Melbourne

In early May I am making a move over to NYC. I am super excited as in my eyes it is where a lot of the culture that I am influenced by comes from and in terms of work it really feels like I could get some amazing opportunities with a number of smart people in the city and the chance to work on global accounts.

It will be hard leaving Sydney, I have had a great 2 and half years here and really love the city. I am a sucker for the amazing weather and all the different beaches. Thanks to everyone who I have worked with over the last two years. It was not easy moving to here and it was all thanks to the people I met through Social Media Coffee, Gutter Club and around the traps that made it so easy.

If you have any tips or people that you think I should meet, shoot me an email

What site does Google predict after one letter?

With Google now predicting as you type, I thought it would be interesting to see what comes up after one letter. This is for an Australian search, I am having a guess when I say that I think that it would be based on traffic to these websites as opposed to SEO (I looked at Google Insights on search traffic but that did not support the findings). It is interesting to see that Lasoo got up there for the letter 'L' it would suggest that you should probably look for a starting letter with not much competition if you were choosing a brand name which obviously would have low awareness.

B -BOM Bureau of Meteorology
C- Centrelink
J -Jetstar
M- Myer
N-Netbank (Commonwealth Bank)
O - Optus
R-RTA (Road and Traffic Authority)
U-UAC - University Admission Centre
V-Virgin Blue
W- Wotif
Z -Zmail - UNSW Email