Lucky Apple, gets podcast walking tours.

This is a really bad example of the technology at use, but it gives you the idea.

Great, Downloadable guided tours! Tourist can now go online and download walking tours of the city they are currently in.

This is a great adaptation from consumer of Ipod’s to create a new function of an exsiting product. Wouldn’t you love to have a product where the consumers would come back and give you new innovative functions for your product? Lucky Apple!

This has already started in Melbourne with Red Symons and some other 774 regulars giving walking historical tours of Melbourne laneways. Check them out at the following link:

Springwise have just shown the commercial appeal of this technology!

Intel’s future vision just like recycled toilet paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I get excited when I see these visions of the future. But Intel’s vision seems to be around technology that we already have available, that didn’t work.

The major difference is the voice activation of all the products, which is technology we have around at the moment. It appears the general population has decided not to adopt this technology yet.

Another funny example of these ineffective technology advancements is the ‘toilet paper folder and dispenser machine.’

Converse Viral

Just a neat little viral being passed around by Converse. Converse seem to always release innovative and refreshing digital campaigns.

The death of Second Life conversation

I’ve been having a really interesting conversation over at the accountplan.ning forum, about why Second Life is going to fail. It is a great forum with people who have a lot of interesting ideas on the matter. Follow the conversation so far at

Kodak gets the picture with this great viral

'We all make mistakes'

I love it that Kodak have been confident enough to admit they have made a mistake and in the process give themselves a human side to the brand. Even know they try to romanticise the reason they lost their market leadership, i think the viewer will let that one slide as it is such an entertaining video.

I am ready to get my Kodak moment again

Twittering down the toilet

So there was alot of excitement around the twitter being the next big thing. Twitter is a program that lets you post in 140 words or less what you are currently doing and this is then shared with all your friends (very similar to a function that already occurs on the social networking site Facebook (status)). After road testing it for a week, i have decided it probably doesnt have the scope to take over something like myspace but has elements that could make it successful in other forms. Such as the upcoming live Director Commentary for the FOX show 'Drive' while it is airing.

This is a amateur 'how to use twitter' video, if you are still interested

Online relationships is it possible?

I posted this over at the account planning forum but thought i would post it here as well.

Is a purely online friendship possible?

When I classify a online friendship, it is friendship that occurs online, a relationship that has had no offline contact previously or no plans to meet up offline, A friendship with regular contact over an extended period of time. When you ask a person offline what is the key to their friendship.

Often the answer will be we have great conversations, we do interesting stuff together, they are always there for me. All these functions can be produced in an online relationship. What are the elements of an offline relationship that you cannot create online. One of the things that is missing, is human contact but why does that stop us from a online relationship? Would love to know other peoples thoughts.

Creationist WOM vs Evolutionist WOM

Interesting video on the two types of word of mouth advertising.

You are all idiots! Now buy my product.


Check out this video for this successful viral campaign. Congratulations to who ever built this campaign. However I have a few problems with these types of campaigns.

Why do these creative agencies try to keep pulling the wool over the eyes of their audience, with these campaigns built on lies. In this case, claiming this new breakthrough of pheremones SMS ring tones.

I think this is walking the fine line between success and disaster. On the success side we have a campaign like this where they have successfully fooled the consumer and then shown the company behind the trick at the last minute.

However just look at the number of false blogs that have bombed and killed the brands reputation. The blog have come up with the fake blog awards ‘The flogs’ held every year giving the agency of the year a pat on the back for treating the audience like dickheads and creating fake blogs.

‘The consumer is your mother.’ (Sorry forgot who quote this)

You can check out the Flogs of 2006 here:

Viral video part of the Oasys campaign

Making hard things simple- Joost Commercial

What a great way to describe the simplicity of an offer, a rather hard concept to fathom is explained by an old man (usually the nemesis of new technology). The simplicity is extended through the Cook show style explanation of the items, combined to create Joost. Plus this is another exciting step forward in the ‘digital has overtaken my life’ revolution

T post great business concept

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Every company wishes that they could supply to exact demand of their market. Well online start up t post has worked out a business plan to solve this exact problem. The online clothing company works on the plan that they only make as many t shirts as they have subscribers. They produce a one off t-shirt every 6 weeks, they make only the amount of subscribers they have 1,753.

I like this proposition because there is a feeling of exclusivity as the limited run of these shirts around the world. All t shirts are inspired by current obscure news events. It gives added meaning to the wearer of the t shirt as well. It gives the subscriber the chance to tell a story about what they are wearing another intangible benefit for the customer.