You are all idiots! Now buy my product.


Check out this video for this successful viral campaign. Congratulations to who ever built this campaign. However I have a few problems with these types of campaigns.

Why do these creative agencies try to keep pulling the wool over the eyes of their audience, with these campaigns built on lies. In this case, claiming this new breakthrough of pheremones SMS ring tones.

I think this is walking the fine line between success and disaster. On the success side we have a campaign like this where they have successfully fooled the consumer and then shown the company behind the trick at the last minute.

However just look at the number of false blogs that have bombed and killed the brands reputation. The blog have come up with the fake blog awards ‘The flogs’ held every year giving the agency of the year a pat on the back for treating the audience like dickheads and creating fake blogs.

‘The consumer is your mother.’ (Sorry forgot who quote this)

You can check out the Flogs of 2006 here:

Viral video part of the Oasys campaign