Man Cans a winner

Man Cans the site has been registered by Cadbury Schweppes. I have got no idea what product it could be for.

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You may have seen on television the recent Man Can ads. The ad shows men in different scenario's growing Man Cans. Have a look at the videos. This has all the qualities that I talk about over at Musing from Julian Cole of a good campaign.

1. Great integration
The TVC are witty and sharp. There is a slick integration to online with the website flashing up in the last scene. Giving people enough interest to investigate further onto the website.

2. Suspense
I actually have never thought of it this way but i think it is better to set up the joke and then hit them with the brand/product/company. Lynx is currently doing a campaign for Lynx Soap Amnesty which is asking all male soap users everywhere to drop the soap and pick up Lynx Showergel but they have made it clear from the start that it is for Lynx. I still have no idea who is behind Man Cans.

3. Great online support
They do not only have one site but they have 2 other side sites that complement the major site (Celebrity Man Tape and Bra Bro). This has also already got a great bit of publicity around the Blogosphere.


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Interesting site