Faris and Iain on the Web

One of my favourite bloggers going around at the moment is Faris Yakob, he writes Talent Imitates, Genuis Steals. This is a thought provoking blog, well worth reading. He sat down and talked about the web with Iain Tait at Ideas Forum in Romania.

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I seem to have this habit of creating an image in my head of what radio presenters look like. It always shocks me when I actually see them in real life and they look nothing like what I had imagined. This happened with Faris, the ideas that he comes up with made me think he was some wise old man.


faris said...

hello mate!


and yeah i think a lot of people think i'm old ;-p - actually this is an interesting point - online you are being judged only on what you say not how you appear... that genius kid who got done for stock market manipulation managed it at 14 or whatever because he was online and didn't seem like a kid....

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