Dreamteam increasing Social Glue

Sport and music have to be the best social glue going around.

Professional Sport can help to make complete strangers friends. At the end of day friendships are formed on how many interactions you have with a person and how positive these experiences are. Sport gives us a reason to have more interactions with someone. For instance following the Parramatta Eels, I have become a lot closer with people who follow the Eels or take an interest in NRL.

This year I have jumped on the Dreamteam/Fantasy Football bandwagon. It has taken watching and discussing the sport to a whole new level.

What if brands could play this role? Brands could increase the social glue between two friends. I think Red Bull did this well for awhile with the game Rooshambull on Facebook.

It is interesting to note that Dreamteam/Fantasy Football is already becoming a subject in itself with break off sites discussing the strategy of picking a Dreamteam. In particular, for AFL DT Talk have created a site which is being sponsored by Boags Draught at the moment.

They have also recruited one of the most talented Australian Youtubers, Alex Williamson.
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