Looking for my Keanu Reeves/Digital Producer

You cannot have Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure without Bill. Similarly, You cannot produce truly kick arse work without an amazing Digital Producer.

I am a big believer in the Producer/Strategist combination and at the moment I am missing my other half. Hence, we have officially put the call out to find a Digital Producer who I can collaborate with along with the rest of the team to make some killer work.

I am super excited about finding a Producer to join TCO as I believe we are on the brink of making some really great work.

The perfect storm is brewing at TCO, we have got an amazing client roster (Fosters, Coca-Cola, Westfield, Network Ten, Sony) who all seem keen on exploring social/digital ideas. The most exciting proposition though is coming up with the Global Digital/Social Strategy for Global Poverty Project.

The thing that hooked me though, was the core business offering – TCO make branded entertainment. Their first piece of business was creating the television show Coke Live n Local. Since then they have nailed creating video content. They have added a real strength in experiential, cracking some massive wins over the last year.

Having this muscle in your back pocket when you are coming up with ideas is something of a rarity in the Australian market. Where before the thought of creating an online series like Fansformation or creating a viral piece like Sony vs. PS3 would have been a dream, This is what TCO do.

The Producer, we are looking for is someone who will have a creative mind and who will have a nice big fat contact book full of all the best digital freelancers/shops in Sydney to help make things happen.

The full JD is on the site

For everyone who reads this blog, if you could please pass this onto any Producers that would be right for this position that would be much appreciated.
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