2008 Cntrl C/Cntrl V Agency Award

What happened to the Creative Agency people in Australia?

Oh, they are on Youtube.

This is an award recognising the best ‘copy/paste’ direct from Youtube efforts done by Australian Advertising Agencies.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration for an idea but directly ripping off an idea and not giving credit where it is due is another thing. So join with me and celebrate these great efforts and feel free to share other great examples.

3rd theBrandshop
With the disqualification of Droga5 brings theBrandshop up into 3rd place with their work for Cruios SkipHarder.


and for the Extreme Skipping

theBrandshops effort

2nd Clemenger BBDO

Selling Noodles was always going to be a tough sell. However Creative Director for Clems have stated ‘Rather than going after the mums like some of our competitors, our strategy was to target the user themselves."

When the target market found out that they were ripping off a Youtube clip, they were no where to be found?!?!

Clememnger BBDO effort
Pimp My Kettle Episode 1


And congratulations to
1st George Patts Y&R

Patts convinced everyone including the Cannes judges about being original thought leaders. George Patts Y&R stated to the Inspiration Room ‘It is the fruit of many peoples hard work and conviction.’

I can understand the hard work, there are millions of clips on Youtube it is hard work having to watch all of them.

Patts effort


George Patts, theBrandshop and Clems this is an open forum, please feel free to prove me wrong you have the right of reply on this one.

Edit: I originally had Droga5 and Ric Cantor up here for his efforts on VB Gold. Matt pointed out that Ric Cantor was actually the writer on the original Manstrokewoman piece so it would probably be better as collaboration rather than a direct Copy/Paste. I totally agree and am officially disqualifying them from the awards. Thanks, Matt and if anyone knows any backstory on the other cases please include. Check out the interesting conversation going on in the Youtube comments section.

In other news anyone who was wondering where the Top 50 list is, it is actually going to be coming out October 1.


Zac Martin said...

I think we'll see many more entries at the 2009 Awards.

Although, at least George Patts Y&R played around with it a little instead of directly ripping the others.

Julian Cole said...

Agreed, the other two are just amazing how similar they are. However in the waterbomb clip they do use the same shot on the face?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Julian, you really didn't research this at all, did you.

Ric Cantor is a British Comedy writer, and he wrote the original clip you referenced as well.

Droga5 hired him to write the VB ad - with full disclosure.

I'd suggest you might want to call that one 'collaboration'.

Julian Cole said...

Thanks Matt, I am not having a great week with my journalism skills. I guess the great thing about blogging is that when you are proved wrong that you can edit and change the content when people bring more information on board. I have made the recommended edits. Matt (I am assuming you might be linked to Droga5, I just wanted to relay a great question that was asked in the Youtube comments.

kiwiz00. 'You poached Ric Cantor for the job. Fair enough. He's a really good Director. But I wonder if Ash Atallia (Series producer) knows about this? Or the BBC? or Hopscotch? Or Freemantle Media? All of whom own the rights, in varying degrees, to Man Stroke Woman. Surely this infringes copyright?'

Anonymous said...

No I actually don't work for them - but find it funny that the knives are out against them within the industry.

Surely this is exactly the way that we all should be working - collaborating with the most talented people out there (whether it's writing, technology or whatever) to earn brands a place in people's lives.

Good question though (re: the other rights holders) - although I'd be fairly surprised if bases weren't covered.

Fair play to you for changing the story.

Stanley Johnson said...

In the words of Oscar Wilde or was it Picasso or possibly even TS Elliot - Talent imitates. Genius steals.

Julian Cole said...

Matt, I totally agree that we should be working with people that are passionate in their chosen fields so that brand can bring meaningful and valuable changes in all stakeholders lives. This sounds all very pie in the sky, but when you think of an actually example it is easier.

Marketingmag was thinking about giving me a video camera to help produce content for their website this would of been great for all parties it would of been great for marketingmag as I would of been able to give them footage they needed, it would be great for the audience because they would of have had messages in video content instead of always having to read (I am lazy, I know how it is) and it would of been great for me because I would have had a camera to record all the other stunts that I get up to.

Great point Stan (Talent Imitates, Genius Steals is also the name of one of my favourite blogs )

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