Market Cross - Bloggers and Brands Rules of Engagement

In medieval days when a town decided to set up a market they would erect a Market Cross. It acted as a reminder ‘not to defraud by cheapening’. It was a sign to traders to not be dishonest to locals and it was a sign to buyers to make sure they didn’t barter the traders so low that it was not worth returning for the traders.

I think at the moment we are going through a stage where we are creating an online Market Town. Companies (Traders) are seeing the value in the Australian blogosphere, they are interested in getting involved in the blogosphere but they are going about it in the wrong way most of the times.

I think we look to often at the bad things that companies do, rather than looking at what we can do as the residents in this town. I think it is time that we work on our market cross. That is why I have decided to set up a discussion on Aussie Bloggers Forum about trying to create some Rules of Engagement for both brands and bloggers. Please add to the discussion.

A minute VLOG on the new Marketplace