The three best celebrity Social Media Marketers: Kanye West

Just for you Mark, Hip Hop inspired Social Media!

My three favourite social media stars: Obama, Souljah Boy and Kanye West.

Kanye not only has a popular blog

But he also walks the walk in Social Media Marketing, recently he released a track online, when the feedback was not complimentary (have a listen you will understand) he went back into the studio and remastered the song. That is a great example of Marketing Intelligence, using your core fans as your test market.

Here is a quick vlog on linking Social Media with Experiential Marketing.


althea said...

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Anonymous said...

Ah... Julian. :) Hip hop's interesting. The sub-culture is pretty anti-marketing but the whole idea of creating a name for yourself and writing it on walls, uniquely, remarkably and in a way worth talking about... well, it's not so un-marketing at all, is it?

Julian Cole said...

I think they love marketing, it is what helps them define their subculture. Look at RUN DMC and Adidas or even more Aussie how about Hilltop and DC (do you know what the deal is there?). These brands help to act as symbols of the sub culture.

Laurel Papworth actually wrote a really interesting post on the fact that as a society we have allow brands to graffiti (through billboards) the environment but when the kids try to mark their territory we make it illegal?!!? what are we really communicating to the kids????

Age said...

Just adding to the Kanye props... he also released all the seprate components (accapellas etc) of the new "Love Lockdown" track on his blog and gave free reign to anyone who wanted to create their own remixes. Now THAT is some clever, dope social marketing right thurr.

Ben Shepherd said...

I think some elements of hip hop are very pro marketing. think of mixtape culture, street teams, drops, cameos, Saigon's pointless guest spots on Entourage etc ... they're all marketing devices designed to promote something that is on sale.

Kanye I love you, but start making more beats like Jesus Walks and Kweli's 'Get By' and less Daft Punk sampling.

Anyone up for a blog trip to the kanye/nas double bill?

Julian Cole said...

Hey Age, Kanye is really killing it! He is the master of Social Media!

Hey Ben, thanks for the tip off about Kanye/Nas, I am keen on getting to the Sydney show. I was away when Kanye came out last year, so definitely going to get out for this one. I saw Snoop last year and boy is that guy an entertainer, his drunk uncle came out on stage and started trying to chat up young honeys in the crowd, it was a classic! I can only imagine Kanye would be as good an entertainer.

Do either of you know of any Australian Musicians who are killing it with Social Media?

Ben Shepherd said...

i know a few bands like behind crimson eyes and the getaway plan are pretty good at using social media type channels to generate buzz. The 'emo' (for want of a better word) bands were amongst the quickest to successfully use digital channels to build and communicate with fanbases.

Kelly said...

These celebrities know how to promote their music and become more popular and fans love them for doing it.

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