Want to work for The Population?

Could you get any more serious poses?

We are currently looking for another person to join The Population team. I have used Gavin Heaton's SocialMediaJobs site to advertise the position of Social Media Executive, so check it out and if you know someone who would be good for the job make sure to pass their details on.


Stevan said...


Stanley Johnson said...

At least you look like individuals.

I remember when I worked in London during the dot com boom.

Every day you'd open the business pages of the newspaper to see yet another story about people who had left Accenture, McKinsey etc to do a start up.

Every single person, in every single photo, was wearing a chambray shirt and chino pants. Classic 'smart casual' dot com style.

Anonymous said...

Maybe - is my pose good enough?

Julian Cole said...

Ross, the pose is definitely a winner.

Stan, I so want to get a photo of myself wearing a chambray shirt and chino pants, that would be killer! ; )

Gavin Heaton said...

I am very keen to see that photo of Julian in chambray shirt. I think it would be particularly good if it was done in the middle of Movember with Jules sporting a Merv Hughes handlebar mo. Just sayin.