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These could all be separate posts but just needed to get them out.

1. PRIA Panel
Speaking on a panel at the PRIA Conference ‘PR In the Fast Lane’, this afternoon with Laurel Papworth, Steven Noble and a number of other people. The conference is on what PR Agency will look like in the future. Market Cross is the first thing the jumps to my mind. If you have any ideas or good links I would love to check them out.

2. Jenni Beattie is awesome
A big thanks to Jenni Beattie who helped me out with the presentation for Marketing 2.0 conference, I decided to give her the complimentary ticket. Thanks a lot to Gordon Whitehead, Athan, Katherine Liew,Ben Cooper, Kelly, and Paul Wilson, ; if there is anything I can do for your guys, just let me know.

3. Melbourne Beersphere Meet Up
I am organizing a Melbourne Beersphere on the Sunday of Grand Final Weekend, I am going to invite all the bloggers, podcasters and just the generally interested. More details to come.

4. Sydney Social Media Meet Ups
If you are in Sydney and are not coming to the Friday morning Social Media breakfast meet ups then you are really missing out. 8AM, Single Origin Café, 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills.

5. BK getting it right
I am really digging the latest media collaboration of Burger King with Seth MacFarlane. Great example of giving value back to the community by funding the awesomeness of Seth MacFarlane to make more work. What is your first impression?

6. Logo
We got pushed forward on the public launch of the company hence no website (we are building it at the moment). However we did just get our logo design, I like it, it has a bit of David Armano Ripple 2.0 feel about the ‘O’ of The Population.
I wanted it to have a feel of people gravitating towards an object, however also noting that everyone is different (with a different size of influence) hence the different sized red dots. I know you dont look into something that much but it is nice to have a little back story. The colour is a bit out too!


R Gillett said...

Might be interested in the social media breakfast meet up - will do a search but can you provide any other details? sounds like no invite required?

Zac Martin said...

Was watching the Seth MacFarlane channel this morning. Great content, nice brand tie in... but in three months will the channel die?

Julian Cole said...

Hey R Gillett, the social media breakfast meet up is a pretty informal breakfast meet that is attended by a number of other bloggers and interested parties including Gavin (servant of chaos) who was the one who invited me along, Katie (Get Shouty),Jye Smith (A Digital Perpective), Scott Drummond (Marketing Mag), Tim Noonan, Ian Lyons, Annik, Adam Milgrom and a number of others. You should definitely come down and check it out. If you get lost feel free to give me a call 0408 382 180.

Zac, a question back at you, if they do stop the channel in 3 months, do you think the venture for Burger King was still worthwhile?

Zac Martin said...

Depends how much Burger King is paying for this... but even then you're going to have thousands of consumers disappointed and it's highly possible that association attaches itself to the brand.

Julian Cole said...

What if they had said at the start of the process that they were only going to release a 13 part series. Would that change people's perception?

I think that people expect that it is only going to be a short term transaction, when it is not a short term transaction then they are really pleased that it lasted longer. However recently I have thought that people are not really that disappointed when they finish as this is expected.

Especially with something like Youtube which is still a broadcast medium and not really a conversation.

Anonymous said...

the Seth/Google/BK venture is 50 or so videos.


Isn't this just BMW films but with a different sponsor?

I'd also be looking for a $5 DVD at the end with any whopper purchase to extend the life.

Anonymous said...

Also Social breakfast meet up? Who gets up before 8am anyway and who eats breakfast?

Aren't we all too busy blogging at 12.35 am? or working till powerpoint fails and the copy/paste buttons are busted.

hehe but seriously who gets up before 8am?

Julian Cole said...

Mr. Ash Truffle, I really like the idea of the $5 selling of the content at the end of the season. I read somewhere that Burger King are only coming on board for the first 10 episodes.

They also clearly have you working too hard if you are still decking up presentation at 12:35AM! Also I think I have turned into a bit of a grandpa since moving to Sydney cause I am going to bed at 10:30PM and bouncing out of bed at 7AM!