Melbourne Social Media BeerSphere

St. Jerome

The Melbounre social media crew is well over due for a catch up. So I have proposed a beersphere (idea stolen from Faris).

The date has been set Sunday 28th September
The time has been set 2pm (that will give you enough time to work off the Grand Final party hangover)
The venue has been set St Jerome's (see map), 7 Caledonian Lane, City (City location, so there is no excuse why you should not be coming).

The following people will be invited

Zac Martin from Pigs Don’t Fly
Rick Clarke from I Hate Ads
Simon Oboler from Simon Says
Tannie from The Gruen Transfer
Darren Rowse from ProBlogger
Stan Lee from Brand DNA
Tait Ischia from The Wayfarer
Gerry McCusker from PR Disasters
Glenn Rogers from Pixel Paddock
Age from In my atmosphere
Alex White from Marketing Magazine
David Gillespie from Creative is not a department
Kate from The Zeitgeists
Joshua Strawcyznski from Current Issues in Marketing Strategy
Tamir from FRANKthoughts
Jasmin Tragas from Wonderwebby

Peter Wagstaff from Marketing Today
Jake Lawton and Nat Graf from Gen Y Marketing Podcast
Alisa Page and Phillip Greenwood from Marketing Geek

It is open invitation so all are welcome, so spread the word and lets have a cracking afternoon.


Zac Martin said...

I'll be there with my keyboard.

Tannie said...

Urgh! It's such a shame it's on that weekend. I'm actually gonna be at an event called Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) held at Melbourne Uni that weekend. I'm on the organizing committee with quite a few jobs and ne of them is to run the Cosplay comp which ironically starts at 2PM.

Man I really wish I could make it...only issue is I can't really skip out on a competition I'm meant to be running...

tamir berkman said...

Thanks Julian that's a great idea (especially when heading to summer). Can't make it on the 28th as I'll be in Israel. Hope to catch up in Sydney on Wednesday and at the second Beersphere.

Rick Clarke said...

If I'm not still hung-over from Marketing Ball on Thursday night I'll try and be there ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for including me on the list Julian.

let me see what I can arrange around family etc - will keep you posted :)

Nudge Marketing said...

It'll take every ounce of stamina but I will do my best to head on down for a brew or two (if for no other reason than watch Zac lay on the footpath out the front and throw up ;) ) - Jake.

Julian Cole said...

Tamir, we will definitely have to catch up when you come up to Sydney, hopefully you will be around for Friday morning breakfast.

Rick, I will also be going to the Marketing Ball so that is no excuse my friend!

Wonderwebby you and sagart have to come along, get a babysitter for the kids or even bring them along.

Nudgemarketing, I think everyone is looking forward to seeing Zac after a few beers.

Julian Cole said...

Tannie, that is a shame that you cannot come along but worth sending me a text when you are finished to see if we are still kicking on.

Zac I would imagine you would twitter the event. I actually hope some of the podcasters bring their recording stuff because I think there could be some interesting recordings.

faris said...

ROck ON mate!

Sydney beersphere is GO!

I need to pull an NYC one soon as.

Kate Kendall said...

Jules, thanks for the invite. It's great that you are bringing everyone together offline!

I should be there since I have no excuse - and won't be hung over from an AFL party since I have selective attention when it comes to football and didn't even know that it was grand final weekend.

On another note, I can't believe Monash has a Marketing Ball!

Simon Oboler said...

I should be there mate, looking forward to interacting with real bloggers :p.

Kate - Why would monash not have a marketing ball? Its the biggest event of the year!!

Kate Kendall said...

Simone - It was simply a statement out of awe about how much they get behind their Mktg program! I've even seen a book titled: A History of Marketing Education at Monash, which someone tried to give me! I couldn't accept though due to the current state of my reading pile...

Anyway have a great time at the ball y'all!

Zac Martin said...

@ Kate

Don't look into it too much. The Marketing Ball is run by one of the Marketing Societies on campus, not Monash.

However the marketing department still does some pretty cool stuff.

Kate Kendall said...

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a good time on Sunday at the BeerSphere. Sorry I couldn't make it - of all things I had to go and screen print t-shirts at the last minute.

Looking forward to the next meet.

P.S Simon - I noticed a dropped an extra 'e' on your name in my last comment. Apologies...

faris said...

mate drop me an email - going to try and do a multi location beersphere thing in NOV - be good to have you on board.


Julian Cole said...

Hey Kate, no worries you will have to make it along to the next one that we organise though, it was good to put some faces to the blogs! Hope the t-shirts worked out well.