Hack Petition Human Twitter 100's

1. The Hack Half Hour is a massive worry

Tune your television into ABC2 on Monday September 22nd ABC2 at 8:30PM as I am on the show talking about security and social networking sites.

2. Make Yourself Beautiful
I have signed the online petition for the ‘Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare’ you should too. Interesting use of the pen, it reminds me of the human usability of the iPhone (I don’t know if that sentence even make sense). Hat tip Adam from The BodyShop blog.

3. 30 seconds on humanising Brands

I suggests that we try to humanize brands? Cam suggests (in the Youtube comments section) brand managers are actually the ones humanising brands?

4. Twitter Addict
Alright after three attempts, I am now a full fledged Twitter convert!!!! Thanks Julia for the video

5. 100 Australian Marketing Blogs
Hot news on the Top 50 Australian Marketing Blogs, I am now tracking a 100+ blogs! I will also be ranking all 100 blogs.


Via Jacqui said...

Hey Julian,
will you be posting the hack half hour on your blog? Don't have ABC2, but would really like to hear what you have to say.

Zac Martin said...

"That's a massive worry."


Anonymous said...

Born to be a star.

Unknown said...

Good to see you on Hack, Julian. Well done. They've actually put together a good program from the looks of it.

Unknown said...

thanks for the plug Julian!

Julian Cole said...

Hey Jacqui, hopefully I will be able to embed the clip up on my site soon, I am talking with Triple J atm, I am wrapped that you have started blogging and that helped play a role in that.

Thanks Gordon, Zac and David it was good fun on the show and it will be really interesting to see what they do with it, they are trying to make it interactive so it should be interesting to see how much the audience dictates the content. I guess we will see in good time!

Julian Cole said...

No worries Adam about the plug, it is for a good cause! I am always happy to support, good causes!