Irony according to Julian Cole

Irony Part 1
Thanks for lunch Pimp My Kettle (I was walking through Central Station in Sydney when I came across the van)

Irony Part 2
Many people don’t know but my parents actually made television commercials for a full time gig. Thanks to Ad Agencies choosing to make Television Commercials I was able to gain a great education. Who would of thought I would of chosen to go down a career that would take money away from commercials and allocate it to initiatives which will actually drive more value to a company and its customers.

Sorry Mum and Dad, I wanted to follow in your footsteps but it just doesn't look like there will be that many opportunities in your industry : (


Zac Martin said...

Ahh, I see the Uni student side of Jules return where nothing can stop him from a free feed.

My favourite post of this week.

Julian Cole said...

Check out how evil I look in the photo, I was trying to go for happy face, but I actually just look like the son of the devil.

Uni Student is still very much in my blood. Instead of getting a suit bag to bring my suit up in, I decided to just wear my suit on the plane so I would not have to pick up any luggage.

'You can take the boy out of the Uni, but you can't take the Uni out of the boy'

Tannie said...

All of this mention of Pimp my kettle is starting to make me wonder whether this campaign could possibly succeed based on the amount of press that it is getting. With such things as Google's rating systems including links irrelevant of whether you're bashing the link or not it really brings rise to the question of whether any publicity can actually be good publicity.

I mean upon seeing an ad for it I did point it out to a few friends and despite bashing their idea it still brought them to attention. Thus giving it more attention than it would have gotten on its own.

It is boggling the idea that marketing blunderings could inadvertently lead to success.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Tannie, you bring up a great point!

I dont know about the whole idea of any publicity is good publicity. If you look up pimp my kettle on google, this comes up as the second response, i cannot imagine if someone read the canning that the campaign got here that they could have a good brand perception (still possible I guess, If they really hate me and stand for everything that I am not) especially seeing they stole the idea straight off youtube.

Tannie said...

That is true.

I believe however there is something to be noted in the separation between brand and it's campaigns. Whilst the campaign is getting hit like nothing else and as such is getting a negative name however with all the focus on the pimp my kettle tag very little focus is put on the creator in that of Fantastic. I know personally it took me a few hearings about the campaign to get that Fantastic was behind it.

However it is always there and as such gets absorbed into your subconscious for if you're looking at buying noodles. So for those not looking into this campaign aas in depth as we are all it's doing is building brand awareness and trying to get into as many people's evoked sets for noodles as possible.

I could be all wrong here because I haven't actually looked too in depth into this but I'm just thinking that in this case the bad publicity is working because the poor campaign is drawing attention, however they are just separate enough from their campaign to work.

Also just on the being second on google. Whilst I believe everyone who clicks will think bad of it, there is also the alternative of people who search for pimp my kettle simply being satisfied with the main site and thus not look at any of the following ones.

Anonymous said...

As the proud holder of the #3 'Pimp my Kettle' spot in Google I would like to present the following findings:

324 people have read my post

1 of them was Julian Cole; he doesn't count.

1 of them was Mr Jay Woo, he said: "It’s only a joke.. I think you guys are taking it wayy (sic) too seriously."

322 of them didn't give a toss.

Julian Cole said...

Tannie great point, I think you are actually right, we have probably become more aware of the Fantastic Noodle brand. As with the example of your friends. You are right on the Pimp My Kettle idea, they are probably not going to look past the first one if that is what they were after.

Matt, I love the 322 that dont give a toss! I wonder if Clems will put this in their post report. 'The Pimp My Kettle campaign had a viral effect with substantial buzz being created around the campaign in the BLOGOSPHERES.'