3 months on and 3 Video Annotations

3 months on from Youtube announcing Video Annotations and here is 3 examples of companies using Video Annotations. Think of it as your own Adspace Pioneers Blog Annotation, you can choose between 3 examples of video annotations.

1. Follow Your Instinct Samsung
You may want to put your young urban male sunglasses on to enjoy this one.

2. Italian Washing Powder 'Pril 7'
Anyone know Italian?

3. Find Kitty
This last one is a lil cop out, it is more SMP films showing how they could use this technology for your business. You have to find the their cat Sparta. Good luck.

Does anyone know any other examples of brands using Video Annotations?


Zac Martin said...

Love the Samsung one. Fun, interactive, interesting, nice tie in to the brand and displays the features of the phone nicely and almost subtly.

Great to see many brands adopting this new technology, and successfully!

Julian Cole said...

I was a fan of the Samsung one too, I think that the brand placement was nice and subtle.

I actually thought that more brands would have adopted the technology by now, the technology has been around for 3 months and for only one real effort at it is pretty poor. I think when they allow for external links to websites, that is when there will be real power in the technology.

Think ecommerce from product placements-

Here is a article on this very topic -Plinking