What is Social Media Marketing? Marketing2.0

Regular Readers: This is the presentation I did for the Marketing 2.0 conference, If you have any questions feel free to shoot them at me. Thanks to everyone that helped.

All the readers from the Marketing 2.0 Conference: Welcome to my blog just click on the links below to see the examples. If you have any questions from the presentation feel free to write them in the comments section.

So the following are all the links to the material from my presentation.

Dell Hell (slide 6)
Dell Idea Storm (slide 7)
NAB Spamming story and video(slide 10)
Tiger Woods walking on water video (slide 11)
The Body Shop Blog (Slide 13)
Maybe Clemengers comments (slide 14)
Barack Obama sends text message (slide 15)

Other good resources to convince the boss of SMM
A list of Social Media/Community Managers

A list of 226 Companies who are doing Social Media Marketing

Wiki List of the Fortune 500 companies blogging (currently 62 companies)

228 Companies using Twitter (thanks for the link Katie)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jules, I'll watch that slideshow when I get a chance - just FYI, a better list Tweeting companies is at http://www.socialbrandindex.com/twitter

Zac Martin said...

Juju, your Powerpoint slide making abilities have come a long way. Nice work!

Julian Cole said...

Thanks matt for the list.

Hey Zac, thanks for the compliment, I think I have a long way to go yet!

Anonymous said...

Im guessing this presentation had much more insightful banter to fill in the top level thoughts here?

No video of your presentation?

Anonymous said...

I think some audio or video of the presentation would be very helpful if you have it.

If I'm reading your top level points correctly, I agree. It seems like social media marketing is about, being genuine, listening, providing value, and not carpet-bombing "a message".