Social Media Freestyle

I am really keen on getting this idea of the Social Media Freestyle together for Ad:Tech and pitching it to them.

I am just trying to think of some of the other topics that could be debated from two sides. Here is what I have come up with so far.

1. Every company needs a Social Media strategy
2. Full disclosure from a company or brand is not always necessary in social media.
3. Kevin Rudd should of remained a broadcast medium on Twitter.
4. Metaverses will stay niche and will not see the popularity of Social Media
5. Micro Blogging will be the death of Blogging
6. A Social Media presence online is best presented by just one person within an organisation
7. Blogging is not journalism
8. Agencies are not necessarily structured to implement Social Media (Dave)
9. All media communication has a Social Media element, whether intentional or not. (Ian)
10. Social Media will be the death of the 30 second spot (Zac)
11. Social Media Marketing and WOM is the same thing (Matt)
12. You can create a Social Media Campaign without a remarkable product (Matt)
13. Above the line Campaigns to not translate to 'viral' online campaigns (Adam)
14. Social Media is not just words but images (Graeme)
15. Social Media Marketing not remain a specialist area once those in communication roles get a grasp on it (Nathan)
16. Social Media Marketing Bloggers are scaring away potential clients (Kate)

I really want to get at least 10 debate questions. Please feel free to add.


Ben Shepherd said...

"8. Agencies are not in the best position to give Social Media Advice, it needs to come from within an agency. "

what do you mean jules?

ifarmer said...

All media communication has a social
Media element, whether intentional or not.

Zac Martin said...

9. Social Media will be the death of the 30 second spot.

Anonymous said...

Value of next three paragraphs: 2c

Social Media Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing are the same thing.

You can create a social media campaign without a remarkable product.

You can create a social network around an object that no-one cares about.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Ben,

Thanks for picking up on that one! It has been a long week!

Ian and Zac they are great, keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Your above the line campaign isn't a Transformer [TM]. Ie: it can't miraculously transform into an effective "viral" online campaign.

Graeme Watson said...

Social Media is not just words but also images

Unknown said...

Social marketing media will not remain a specialist area once those in communication roles get a grasp on it

Kate Richardson said...

9. The social media marketing community is scaring clients away from social media through their discussion and criticism

Dave said...

A more topical issue could be: "Agencies are not necessarily structured to implement Social Media"

Ben Shepherd said...

i think kate might be onto something - i think there's some discussion under the topic "social media" that is a long way removed from marketing and serves to make the area look a lot more involved/intricate/scary than it is.

if you want to get clients pumping their fists in excitement - tie actions back to results. discussion is great but results win the converts required.

Ben Shepherd said...

also - side note ... the SM posse doesn't do itself any favours by constantly stating that agencies don't 'get it' ...

ultimately at the end of the day it's a comms medium and agencies are effectively experts in these areas.

not saying i agree or disagree but no one likes being told what they know doesn't count.

Dave said...

My intention wasn't a jab or discredit anyone's view or background. I really enjoy reading different people's take on the progression of SM.

it's just an open discussion that SM being preached at clients vs ability to implement it. Pushing the boundaries of SM work.

it's positive seeing all agencies have moved so far in the last 12 months in this space... and respectably impressed.

it can only benefit the industry.

Dave said...

PS - My view is ALL agencies are struggling to implement SM. The nature of the SM beast is challenging traditional approaches of marketing. No one has found a "working" model. It just doesn't work. SM is still a 2yo baby in Australia that is crawling but not walking. Getting there though.

Kate Richardson said...

@Ben Shepherd

I agree. Agencies being told "they don't get it" doesn't necessarily foster openness and collaboration.

We all do a lot of encouraging of each other, but perhaps we need to be more constructive in our criticism. And welcoming.

I include myself in this statement.

Anonymous said...

Oh these are great! Controversial!

Dave said...

**jst a note of clarification of my comment...

in saying "All", I also include myself. It's a challenge for everyone and if it weren't, there wouldn't be a debate about SM in the first place. Good, bad, agree, disagree.

Gavin Heaton said...

Two new topics:
* Social media is not marketing
* Blogging is a fad and should be ignored

Kate Richardson said...

And another:

In reality, virtual worlds won't last

(putting aside my ahem post today on the migration of sponsorship dollars to the virtual world!)

Anonymous said...

Social Media can't be measured

Daniel Oyston said...

"Are you planning on social media - then plan to fail."

Not sure where I read something recently but it basically said that you should be planning to fail in this area before you can truly understand and leverage it e.g. Dell.

Anonymous said...

** Another topic:

Social media is not media and therefore will never have a definite ROI model.

Unknown said...

there are still millions of older and web un-savvy people who still don't even really understand what a blog is.

the mainstream public's awareness of and interest in social media; what is it, how do i use it, might still be a decade away.

(i personally think this is a good thing)

Anonymous said...

Social Media strategy remains irrelevant to big brands as long as the online social sphere of influence remains insular and self-serving.

That might get some people talking. ;)

You know I'm always up for a debate Jules.

Anonymous said...

Without going into debate, worth clarifying...The Metaverse (not verse's!) is the connection of all virtual worlds and is also one facet of Social Media - so cannot be compared.

Virtual Worlds should include Social Games (MMORPGs - the 'r' stands for Role, as in social play) and not just the endlessly over/under-hyped second life.

Finally ones to add

"There needs to be a rigour to Social Media Consultancy and the client industry must be wary of fly-by agencies jumping on the bandwagon, likely to blunder from mistake to mistake"

"Social Media Entertainment will dominate web, film and TV formats and associated advertising in the coming years"

Anonymous said...

Social media is basic common sense and there's no need for specialist advice.

Unknown said...

'Use of Social Media = More Sales/Revenue'

thats coming from an office that likes figures...


AKTIFMAG said...

Social media will be the end of the 30 sec spot?

Are you serious? When sport is not televised anymore or it becomes banned due to the illegal exploits of our sportsmen the 30 second spot won't die.

What else is going to fill the breaks and the sporting codes wallets? Or are people going to log into a blog and discuss the game between every break?

AKTIFMAG said...

But there could be a lower demand for them...which is good 'cause they are all shite

Ben Shepherd said...

i think some of these topics are moving dangerously close to navel gazing. if these were my clients i would say they wouldn't be pumped up by the thought starters as it would be too foreign.

unless this is a conference full of SM marketers who want to have a health, robust debatem i reckon a lot of it will go over the audiences heads.

If it's AdTech in AU, you can be assured it will ... You want to be careful it doesn't become too much of a discussion that isn't relevant to the majority of the audience.

Debates are great but often they become more about the debaters than the audience.

Anonymous said...

This post and the subsequent comments have raised a much bigger issue or potential debate that needs to happen if we are serious about turning social marketing into a credible marketing discipline that marketers are willing to build into future strategy.

How do [we] come together to position social media marketing to marketers to grow the industry?

If we are all serious about this being the future marketing communication model then we should:

1. Welcoming marketers who are innovative enough to apply social media principals into their communications rather than pounce on the first mistake they make. It will allow us to build relevant local case studies that go along way to building credibility and willingness for marketers.
2. Agreeing on the fundamental pillars that need resolution so marketers can better understand - like effectiveness, broad principals, rules of engagement etc.
3. Being supportive generally about the agencies that are giving it a go rather than being destructive from the outset without tangible results as backing.
4. By being 'realistic' about the positioning of social media marketing against well established and proven marketing disciplines that marketers believe in right now. It's fine to show another way but being realistic to marketers will generate a greater perception of credibility.

I'm not against a debate, but if the debate is not constructively serving the social media marketing market broadly then it will only serve it's demise as a credible future marketing discipline

Bones Lawley said...

It should be like def jam poetry with Mos Def. haha that would be so lame. Good show though. Arrgh I really have nothing to add. Sorry. I tried. Good work, I like this bloggy.

Ben Shepherd said...

@Bones Lawley

are you ready for some poetry mother f*ckers!

ah chapelles show