Melbourne Beersphere Friday Night

Melbourne Beersphere this Friday night after the Digital Marketing and Media Summit. We will have interstate guests, including Katie Chatfield Strategy Director at The White Agency and blogger behind Get Shouty.

6:00PM, Friday 21st of November
Madame Brussels
Level 3 
59-63 Bourke Street 
Melbourne, VIC 3000 
Contact David Gillespie (0404 078 686) or myself if you get lost

Anyone and everyone is welcome, can everyone help spread the word as I have not had enough time to let everyone know personally.

Update on the presentation:
It is going really well, it now includes a V8Owners Chatroom being played out offline, flannels, Full disclosure, Holden Astra's, Angry Members.

I am still nervous about the new structure but I think that is a good thing it means I am challenging myself. I think Renee Creer said it best to me 'There’s a fine line between epic fail and pure genius…why not walk it.' : )


faris said...

nice one mate!

Will said...

Bollocks. Flying out of Melb at 3. Still, it was nice to meet you in Sydney.

Daniel Oyston said...

Julian - any news on whether the presentation will be filmed? Hope so ...

A fine line hey? As the great Johnny Cash said "I walk the line"

Tannie said...

Just letting you know I probably won't be able to make it to this one. I've been busy with work all week so I really need all of friday to study for my last exam. It's a shame because I think this one being after such a big event may be one of the best but yeah need to put study first. Catchya at maybe the next one ^^

Dave said...

Spoke to Shai yesterday about Beersphere too. :) Sorry can't make it tonight but hope to catch up soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Julian,

great presentation, i couldn't make the beer sphere last night but im keen to attending one of these - i didnt get a chance to chat to you yesterday at the summit - you seemed to be in deep conversation everytime saw ya. How often do you guys meet up?


eMarketing Officer
Swinburne Uni

.. full disclosure - i think i learnt something.

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to making it to one of these functions. One day the stars will align mate.