Ad:Tech Social Media Freestyle, whose in?

So the presentation went really well. I thoroughly enjoyed performing it and Zac, Peter and Alex White (who filled in for David) were all really great and got into character as car loving bogans (mullets included).

One of the highlights from yesterday for me was Peter Williams and Robert Leech in the panel discussion having a verbal stoush over the future of free to air television.

This got me thinking ahead to Ad:Tech and I thought it would be great to have a live debating session. Something similar to the Hip Hop freestyle battles.

The premise would be that a topic would be chosen (e.g Paying Bloggers to write about a brands is unethical) you would then have two people from the industry arguing ‘for’ and ‘against’. They would each get 2 rounds of one minute to debate there point and for rebuttal. The result would then be chosen by 2 judges and the audience would also get a vote.

Would anyone else be interested in participating and helping pitch this idea to Ad:Tech?

The real 8 Mile story
106 & Park is a hip hop show in America, they had a segment called Freestyle Friday where the amateur rappers could get on stage and battle a champion. In 2001, they created a cult hero in Jin, an asian rapper who won seven nights in a row.


Tannie said...

This sounds lke a brilliant idea and I'd love to see it come to fruition.

Jye Smith said...

I'm in.