An All Star Social Media cast presenting the Rules of Engagement

I am speaking at the Digital Marketing and Media Summit this week on the Rules of Engagment. I have decided to do away with the ‘lecture to powerpoint’ style and try something new. I am going to work through offline examples of the Rules of Engagement.

Instead of just me speaking about the subject, I have invited an all star social media crew (Zac Martin, Peter Wagstaff and David Gillespie) to help present and work through examples with me and provide valuable banter of the Rules.

These are some of the thoughts that I have had around the presentation so far;

Rule 1
'Social Media is about behaviour not the technology'

I will have a massive board that will have a computer on the front of it. I will suggest this is what most marketers think social media is about the technology! I will then move the board and there will be someone behind the board. I will then bring it back to the Buying Decision Process Model and show how technology is actually effecting these steps to purchase!

Rule 2
'Add value to the conversation'

I will have a offline chatroom (Peter, David and Zac sitting around, I will ask the crowd to choose a topic for the chatroom and a brand, I will show the wrong way and right way to approach people online). Highlighting (Relevance, Full Disclosure, Listen, Dont Shout and most importantly adding value to the conversation)

Rule 3
Negative feedback is gold

I want to have a real version of Dell Hell, show that when you answer negative publicity it is actually the best place to start with social media, it shows that you are human. I was thinking of having a Connex complaints box and then have someone actually come out of the box and respond?!?! * I need to work on this one!

Rule 4
Long term not campaigns

With 5 minutes to go, mid way through a sentence I will just walk out, I will then play a video telling people that most companies now look at social media and having a campaign in social media when you should really be thinking about a long term investment.

There will also be a Beersphere afterwards so if you know a good pub near the Hilton on the Park please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting dude. Best of luck. Hopefully they'll post the videos of the event for those who can't be there.

Kate Richardson said...

Relief! Bring on the unconference presentation. Or the two way conference presentation. Let us know how you go Jules

Anonymous said...

Judging by the audience attending these conferences, it sounds like you'll be preaching to the converted?! How about you think of ways to empower these people to become social media ambassadors so they can practice converting in their work places?

Anonymous said...

Nice approach Jules.

Further to rogerio's comments, I've thought of bringing into this environment (ie - room of converts) role-playing by panel members to highlight the difference of Old school response v New school.

ie - contrast command and control v facilitate and connect.

Highlight the power of empowered distributed networks and give people ways to influence the embrace of social media within 20th C organsiatons.

Might be a bit tight to orchestrate by weeks-end though.

All the best with it.

wisey said...

Just make sure you tweet it.

Anonymous said...

Like all audiences at these conferences, I'm sure they'll be converts to the medium but not necessarily committed to using it properly.

Sounds like you'll be delivering the tough messages they need to hear...this stuff is valuable, but hard to get right, and requires real commitment not an occasional dabble.

Also making the online/offline link is really powerful, as far too many folk seem to think of the world of digital as a disconnected universe, rather than simply a different place to talk, share, find things out, and do stuff.

Daniel Oyston said...

I agree with the others ... you will be preaching to the converted but ... I find these things an unreal way to keep your mind ticking over about how to uniquely get across the "we must use social media message" to those at work who are still skeptics.

I am giving a small pres at our company day tomorrow and guess what is last on the agenda … ummm, yup, marketing. We will spend time in the morning talking about “how we will operate in the future”. I reckon marketing should go first and set the scene for where we are going to be taking conversations.

Oh well, they will just have to wait til I lob bombs out in the room and make social media blow up!

I also hope we can see a video of this stuff Jules … pretty please … I really wanted to come but am on semi-leave with a new arrival in the family and it’s a bit hard to get away!

Kate Kendall said...

Hey Jules,

Not much to add re: presentation but regarding the Beersphere (if it's still going ahead), H.O.P is located in no-man's-land - they don't have pubs in East Melbourne 'darling' just tennis courts, suburb committees and National Trust buildings!

How about walking up to Bridge Road and holding it somewhere there?

Anonymous said...

I love where you're going with this Jules. Let me know how it goes... Shame I'll miss the beersphere - I'll just wallow up here in Brisbane with the other two people in Qld who are interested in social media from an agency perspective!

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