Online Copywriting is a woman’s job

I have just realised that my favourite unrelated online content is all written by females.


I would put likeomg up there as well.

Imnotantisocial – I am clearly not in target demo for this blog but really enjoy reading it?!?!??!

Tavi – She is 12 years old, WTF?

Why the hell is there not more female online copywriters?

If we do not do something about this, we will be left with shit like Hooking Up.

Really good ideas to a Social Media Startegist (Audience Equity from the top vloggers on Youtube, how could this not be a success?) but such a massive error on the copywriting.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting thoughts, Jules..

I think that given a "mission" of some kind, men can be extremely articulate online, but they generally stick to the task at hand.

Women, on the other hand, can continue to express themselves and be engaging even if they have no real purpose at all. Have you ever read dooce&reg? ( It's not about anything at all, yet it's one of my favourite blogs and the author has a huge readership.

Similarities can be seen in real life same-gender interactions. A group of men will usually discuss something they have in common or current events (be it work, politics, sport, current affairs, etc.) Whereas I think women are much more willing to get quite personal with people they don't even know very well.

Or maybe we are just nosy wenches?

Anonymous said...

Jules I'm sure you'd also love the irregularly updated but brilliant Agency Tart. Sadly no updates since August, but worth tracking back through.

Re: Hooking Up, these people are bloggers, not actors!!! The best writing in the world won't save someone who can't deliver a line. This clearly comes from the Alaskan School of Experience Mananagement, which I'd like to thank for naming me an astronaut based on a lifetime of being able to see space from my house!

*ahem* Anyway....go read Agency Tart.

Anonymous said...

What IS the statistics anyway about the number of female online copywriters anyway? Does anyone know? And if we did know does it really matter? Shouldn't it be about what the person writes and how they write it not what gender they are? Mind you Annik makes a very interesting observation I have to say. That women are prepared to share quite personal information and online seems to be perfect for this. Take Julia Allison her blog is really a warts and all and we tend to love that don't we? :)

Kate Richardson said...

Jules, is this an attempt to show your feminine side?

Susan said...

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Unknown said...

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