Adidas House Parties - Transmedia Planning Heaven

Adidas have just launched their Advertising Campaign for 2009 'adidas Originals house party'. Everything about this campaign is beautiful. This is like a Transmedia Planning wet dream. There is already so many little pieces of currency in this video?

Do you see any celebrities that you know?
Do you know the music track?
Do you know who the graffiti artist was?

There is so many angles to tell this story from, they have started with such a rich base. It looks like they have started too.

And finally, to build the story around ‘the ultimate house party’. Who does not like house parties? They are always the most fun, right? And what a thought starter who would be at your ‘ultimate house party’!


Emily said...

What a great campaign!
Nice use of mainstream and underground talent too - appeal to the masses, and keep the cool kids interested.

Ben Shepherd said...

very cool and appeals to me as a diehard Adidas Originals guy ... hard to comment on how great/effective it is as a piece of marketing without knowing what they're trying to achieve though.

Anonymous said...

Really great campaign. Thanks for sharing. (I basically translated the message of your post to German.)

Rene LeMerle said...

for the trainspotters:

the ad features musicians and icons Katy Perry, Estelle, Young Jeezy, the Ting Tings, DMC-Daryl McDaniels, Method Man, Redman, Afra, Ryukyudisko, Russell Simmons and Missy Elliott, athletes Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Ilie Nastase and Mark Gonzales, and designers Kazuki and Jeremy Scott.

The “house party” was directed by Nima Nourizadeh and features the Frankie Vally track Beggin’ remixed by Pilooski.


Julian Cole said...

@Emily, yeah they have got both the hipsters and the mainstream covered on this one. I also like that they have so many subcultures on it as well from hip-hop to soccer to pop music to skateboarding. Is this Emily from 'OMG with Emily' blog?

@BenShepherd I agree about not knowing the effectivness of this campaign yet but to just looking at it as a piece of information that is being talked about, I think they have succeeded in that

@Thomas, thanks so much for the translation! I guess it shows how universal the idea of a house party is and how much appeal this will have on a global level

@Rene, thanks for the breakdown! and welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

someone make this damned commercial stop!!!!

cool said...

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