ad:tech brain is alive!

ad:tech has launched the ad:tech brain, a site where they are going to co-create the speaker list for ad:tech 2009. Instead of consulting a small group of industry experts they have left it open to the industry to tell them what they would like to hear. Already you can weigh into the discussion on what topic areas you would like to hear at ad:tech. Or you can also join the discussion around my guest blog post on whether Australian bloggers are cannibalizing the role of Social Media Marketers? ;)

Along with Jenny Williams and Beth Etling; Tony and I (1/2 of The Population) have been helping out with the social media strategy for the project, so it is good to see it come to life.

And in some completely unrelated news, I just came past some footage of my childhood idol Peter

via I'm not anti-social, just short sighted.


Unknown said...

That is by far the best unrelated news I have seen!

Gotta love Peter...I mean Poida

Anonymous said...

Oh I love "I'm not anti-social, just short sighted".
She always has great random unrelated pics/videos in her posts.. =)

Susan said...

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