Relevance is key to measuring influence: Dizzee Rascal!

When we look at influence, it is key to look into the relevance of the channel to the message.

Dizzy Rascal (channel) to Hip Hop (message) = High relevance

Dizzy Rascal to World Politics = Low relevance

Does anyone (this is a call out to the people I think may know the answer Peter, KD Paine, Scott and Jason)know any social media monitoring tool that measure relevance of the brand to the channel in their influence score?


Anonymous said...

Hi Julian - I think most [paid] tools incorporate speaker relevance into influence calculation, not sure about channels broadly.

Two additional people to poll would be David Alston from Radian6, who is very good about finding mentions of his company online, and my colleague Kate Niederhoffer, formerly VP of Measurement Science at Nielsen Online. ( )

Anonymous said...

You seem to have forgotten about context.

Whether you think it's relevant or not, the fact that Obama is the first black president.. means that an influential black man in the UK (Dizzee) probably has more influence than you think, in that market.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Julian,

Yes Radian6 calculates influence within a topic (helping hone in on the relevance angle) using a number of different user-managed weightings like number of comments, inbound on topic links, votes etc... Would love to chat further if you'd like.

And thanks Peter for pointing Julian to me.


Julian Cole said...

Thanks so much Peter for leading me in the right direction.

To anonymous, what are you defining as the difference between 'context' and 'relevance', because you could probably use both terms. However you are right Dizzee is a little more relevant than 'low' when you are talking about this. I guess what comes out of his mouth aka the message just potrays him as irrelevant.

Thanks David, I will have a look at Radian6, one other question what is the meaning behind the name Radian6?

Anonymous said...

Hey there Julian, there are a couple of versions behind the name. There are 6 radians in a circle and social media is two-way or circular in nature. Of course I like the version that 6 is the degrees of separate between us and Kevin Bacon :)

Ping me any time on checking out Radian6 and I can get something set up for you. Cheers. David