12yr old Social Media Mogul

Young people just 'get' content creation, they do not want to just consume content but are hell bent on creating content as well.

Case in Point- Fashion Rookie

Tavi is
1. A Fashion Blogger (Style Rookie)
2.Already part of a blogger outreach program (Australia struggles to do outreach to Top 100 Bloggers, America is doing it to niche niche markets)
3.Has had articles published in NY Times Magazine
4.is a really great engaging writer

and is

5. 12 years old!!!!!! 12 years old !!!!! 12 years old !!! 12 years old!!!!!! 12 years old !!!!! 12 years old !!!12 years old!!!!!! 12 years old !!!!! 12 years old !!!12 years old!!!!!! 12 years old !!!!! 12 years old !!!12 years old!!!!!! 12 years old !!!!! 12 years old !!!

Tavi Fashion Editor of Vogue by 18?

For 19 years I grew up just being able to consume media, Tavi grew up being able to produce and consume media! What effect does that have on a generation?

Hat tip to Meg Rayner

P.S Thanks to Jye Smith the creative genius for producing my killer header banner. I am sorry to all those fans of my pixalated image I had before. :(


Anonymous said...

I believe there have always been people out there like Tavi - making fanzines, peddling their wares, generally getting their views heard, but their scope or audience was smaller; limited to who their chosen platform could reach. They were always content creators, but now have the opportunity to really reach an audience.
But it's really important not to generalise - not all young people want to be content creators - they are happy to consume content created by others(whether that be trad media, or created by their peers in an SM environment. Sure, it's easier than ever to create content, but not everyone has the aptidie or inclination to do so.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Kelly,

Great point! I think you hit the nail right on the head. Not everyone wants to create content but the people who do want to create are no longer restricted. If we go on the numbers that 90% of people are lurkers/consumers, 10% are creators, then I would think that we should have around 2 million Australians being able to produce online.

Also, Kelly it is great to have another new reader or commentator on the blog, hope you find it interesting/useful/entertaining/thought provoking or all of the above! : )

Anonymous said...

I came across Tavi a few weeks ago and am totally inspired by her.
She's fresh and has a really great way of getting her message across.
I think it's great that this 12-year-old has just started doing something she loves and it has generated so much interest.
I subscribe to the NYMag online and that's how I heard about her. I think some of the articles written about her are a bit harsh, especially the one that spoke all about how dangerous it was for young people to be producing content (which is a pretty touchy topic in itself) then in the same breath gave her full name and the home town.
There's a lot of fashion writers out there like her that I read avidly. They have a different perspective to a lot of the serious blogs but create really user-friendly content thats easy to consume.

Zac Martin said...

@ Kelly

I think it's also important to recognise that social media encourages people to create, and sometimes even those who weren't originally inclined too.

@ Julian

I hope that last sentence has a sarcastic tone to it, because I never loved your ugly font!

Julian Cole said...

Zac I was totally serious, you were the number one fan of that font! ; )

Meglet thanks so much for putting me onto Tavi she is great!

Anonymous said...


I think in 10 years you'll look back on this as almost a glitch in the matrix. Maybe not a glitch, but a unique opportunity that only exists for a short period in-between us being an unwired society a completely wired culture.

One of the features of western culture throughout the 20th century, mass-marketed celebritism, will actually disappear once we're completely wired.

So my immediate personal reaction to this was that it's actually really sad, but once I got over that I realised what an amazing point we're at. When a 12 year old girl stuck in the old culture of masstige and celebrity for celebrity's sake can become a global celebrity through a publishing technique of this century, it's a really cool clash of the cultures, and possibly an important signifier.

Anonymous said...

@ zac - def agree, but also mindful there appears to be a lot of silly talk that "all young people now create content" - I have heard that too many times now along with other redundant "gen Y" / millenial generalisations. That wasn't what I believe Julian was saying either...guess my point was that young people have been content creators for a long time, just via different mediums, (and just maybe I was trying to make an old fogie like myself feel better about the "exciting and cool" stuff we got up to as well back in the day)

@julian - enjoying your posts and thoughts. And also loving your authenticity in this space. The dialogue you are getting going is really needed in this area (especially in Aus) when so much of what I hear is gross generalisations and misinformed guesses - keep pulling people up for their crap!

Anonymous said...

@ Nic I agree with the cool clash of cultures. What really fascinates me is that if you look at the links on the right hand side of her blog there's a whole network of young females blogging about fashion.
AND if you read some of those, you'll see that these girls are exchanging their POSTAL ADDRESSES and awapping clothes and goodies with each other and blogging about it.
To me that's taking things from the blogosphere to the real world and I think that's amazing.

Julian Cole said...

Clash of the cultures is a really cool idea. I really like this sharing they are doing amongst each other it is really taking it to another level. I could imagine for the marketing community it would be great if we shared information in the forms of books, I would love to start sharing items. Anyone got a copy of Cluetrain? I ve got an old copy of Tipping Point to trade ; )

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