30 companies doing Social Media Marketing

This is gold! 30 examples of big companies doing Social Media Marketing. We are lucky in Australia to be 12 months behind the United States in terms of adoption of Social Media, therefore this acts as a great resource to help clients see what Social Media can do.

In this clip Joseph Jaffe speculates to why the Australian Market is currently ranked 15th in terms of social media in marketing. This is part of an interesting series that is going on at Marketing Magazine at the moment. Thanks for the tip off Scott


Anonymous said...

thanks for that link Julian -I'll hopefully see you tomorrow night wont it be a bit crowded down there ?

Julian Cole said...

Hey David, It seems like there will be quite the crowd coming down tomorrow night, it should be great night with so many people I am looking forward to catching up with. The post was absolute gold, I could pretty much talk/blog about all those examples for the next year and not get bored. ;)