Viral Rockstars (You Create the Content, The People Decide)

Jye, Scott and I decided to give a lesson to all those Advertising/Digital Agencies who keep telling us that they have created a 'viral'. Ad Agencies claiming a 'viral' is kind of like an amateur musician claiming that they are already a Rockstar.

O:54 Julian: Did you hear about the secret show on Myspace?
Old Man: *Sheepishy shrugs* Nope...(We don't believe him)

1:07 Jye: Would you like a photo with me?
Girl 1: Yep
Girl 2: That is going on my wall!

Teenage girls dropping Facebook references. Priceless!

As part of the Market Cross (I really need to write a post on this here) everything that I slag off on my blog, I try to give constructive criticism on how it can be done better next time.

Hint to Advertising Agency
If you really believe that you are going to have a ‘viral’ on your hands, instead of just saying it is ‘viral’ tell the journalist what is so remarkable about the product that is going to make the thing spread. If it doesn’t sound strong enough to the journalist how do you think people are going to pass the message on???

You create the content, the people decide whether it is ‘viral’


Paul Den said...

Julian that is brilliant - shows how sheepish the youth of today are. That Facebook comment at 1.07 really typifies the way in which consumers currently document their experiences with all forms of media. A great example is when you go to a rock concert and every person has their mobile phone out documenting the event rather than actually taking it in. Social media is all about tapping into self-indulgent consumers. Just depends on who wants to sell their soul in order to do that!

Anonymous said...

I had hardly played 2 bars and people had their cameras out - waiting to see what would happen. It was so interesting to watch their behaviour.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Paul, those girls were great! They really got into it. In terms of not experiencing a performance, who is to say that recording on a camera is not a more valuable pursuit rather than just ' taking it in' ?

They will have the record for much longer than we will have our memories which are temporary?

I am definitely from the generation of living the experience. But maybe we are getting too old! Kind of like our parents not understanding why we go on MSN.

I think that people have many more permanent public items to define themselves by these days (photos of a trip to the Pitt St Mall, make an experience, a public and permanent story that define who you are, you can tell a story through photos rather than being limited by just people you see offline). :) Thanks Paul, this has got me thinking , I think I am going to write a post on this!

Jye, You are a Rockstar!

Peter Wagstaff said...

Nice one! I take back what I said, you're still the same old Julian that we know and love!

P.S. Is Jye coming to Melbourne for a gig soon?

Julian Cole said...

Hey Peter,

As Jye Manager I cannot confirm or deny that he is coming to Melbourne. However now I think of it, he actually is coming to Melbourne soon, maybe a chance for a Podcast record?!?! I will have to run it past Jye.

Thanks for the vote of confidence too Peter and I think it is high time when I am in Melbourne next time that we do a little video of our own, I know there is a million ideas running up in your head, lets make it happen!