Young Guns to lead Australian SMM forward

Although the Australian Social Media Marketing industry (is it even bigger enough to call it that?) maybe trailing the USA and Europe. It is definitely promising looking at the up and comers practitioners in our market.

I think it is very exciting this new trend of students (Zac Martin, Simon Oboler, Rick Clarke, Michael Lanyon) and industry young bloods (Tait Ischia, Jye Smith, Josh Strawczynski, Zoe Scaman, David Gillespie, Matt Granfield, Paul Young) starting to blog their worth/knowledge. We are setting ourselves up for a very interesting next 5 years. Take a long hard look at these names because they will very likely make up the protagonists in the next chapter of Marketing in Australia.


Anonymous said...

Oh shux, thanks for the props Julian!

Julian Cole said...

Nah, man you deserve it. Thanks for pushing me to think harder on the Pimp My Noodle stuff, people questioning your thought process, is the key to become a better blogger.

Tannie said...

Woah! I can't believe my name is there. I'm still so new to everything that it's hard to imagine being any part of the future. Thankyou for the kind words. It's stuff like this that gives me the confidence to keep getting more and more into the marketing scene and whilst I don't have the time to get too in depth now it means a lot to be considered of importance. I only hope I can live up to this :P

Julian Cole said...

I am sure you will live up to the expectation too. Don't think that you are too young or do not have enough time for it.

Look at Zac Martin, he has not even be blogging for a year and is a respected voice in the social media area! If you just apply yourself, read up and post regularly you can get some real traction in this area. It acts as a great resume too!

Kate Kendall said...

Hey Julian... I'm glad you mentioned the lone female (Zoe)... it nice to see that not every young social media marketing blogger in Australia is male! Do you have any more recs. for female marketing blogs?

Julian Cole said...

There are plenty of great female marketing bloggers in Australia

Laurel Papworth
Katie Chatfield
Katie Harris
Lexy Klain
Kerry Sunderland

I have never really thought about why there is not more female marketing bloggers, it is an interesting question because female bloggers make up less than 10% of the Australian Marketing Bloggers?

I am going to add your blog The Zeitgeists to the list of Australian Top Marketing Blogs, if that is alright?

Anonymous said...


Is it not time to bring the leading lights of social media together and establish a group, association or network to advocate industry best practice.

If we don't do it, some traditional media group or person may take that position.

What do you think?

Gavin Heaton said...

Go the young guns!
There is a "social media club" that has been established overseas, but also has a couple of locals on the board - Des Walsh and Chris Saad who run the Brisbane Chapter. I don't believe there is a chapter in NSW.

Kate Kendall said...

Thanks for those recs Julian and the comment on TZ blog... I do think it is interesting that as you mentioned females make up less than 10%, I guess it comes down to the reasons why people blog and what they want to get out of it. For me that includes a place for thrashing out musings and opinions on a variety of subjects.

With that in mind I'm not certain if my blog is up there with the calibre of other mktg blogs to be included on the list, but sure why not ;)

Julian Cole said...

Hey Gordon,

Good point about starting a social media collective, I think Gavin's idea of a Sydney Chapter of a 'Social Media Club' would be good. I have not had a good look at it but I take Gavin word on it.

Hey Kate,

I actually just recorded a podcast for Marketing Geek in which we talked about this subject. Alisa Page is one of the host and I will put you in touch wtih her because she is looking to talk about this on an upcoming cast.

Zac Martin said...

Love the idea of a Social Media Club for the young guys, but surely we can think of a better name than that?

I'd love to get a Melbourne Chapter on board.

Anonymous said...

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