84 Australian Marketing Blogs and counting

Well, I am compiling the second edition of the Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneers Blogs. Here is the list of Australian Marketing Blogs*, If you know of anymore to add to this list that would be great.

A perspective
A blog about Digital Media
Amnesia Blog
Angus Whines
Arrow Internet SEO
Australian SEO blog
Australian Small Business
Better Communication Results
Brand DNA
Campaign Brief
Corporate Engagement
Creative is not a department
Current Issues in Marketing Strategy
David Wesson Digital Entertainment
Death by Digital
Duncan Riley
Duncans TV Adland
Elbow Grease
Filter Media
Free Beer
Fresh Chat
Get Shouty
Gruen Transfer
I hate ads
I like to sneeze
In My Atomosphere
Innovation Feeder
Josh Anstey
Latin Ocean
Laurel Papworth
Layman's Term
Lexy Klain
Mark Neely's Blog
Marketing Easy
Marketing Magazine
Media Hunter
Mokum Marketing
Online Marketing Banter
Online marketing sydney
Personalize Media
Peter Sheanan
Pigs Don’t Fly
Pixel Paddock
PR Disasters
Publicis Digital
Publicity Queen
Quintessentially Digital
Ross Dawon's Blog
Ryan's view
Send Up a larger room
Servant of Chaos
Simon Reynolds
Simons Says
Slice Media
The Digestif
The Flasher
The Gloo
The Jason Recliner
The Marketer
The White Agency ffffff
Three Billion
Tick Yes
Tim Longhurst
Uneven Distribution
Write across media
Young PR
Zebra Bites
Zero Budget Marketing Ideas

I know there is a little debate at the moment on lists and the effectiveness of them. I agree that they are a quick sure fire link love builder but I also think that they are good for uncovering a lot of blogs that people might not see. I kind of like thinking of it as shining a light on the dark and mysterious Australian Blogosphere and finding the lay of the land of Marketing Blogs in Australia.

What do you guys think, should I just do the Top 50 or should I do scores for all 80+ blogs??

*Published in the last 3 months


jyesmith said...

Do both.

The top 50 will hold the same prestige, and the other 30 or so will still get a mention for doing what they do best. It's great for exposure of what could be some very valuable blogs.

Peter Wagstaff said...

Most of us want this list to continue well into the future, so don't make it too difficult for yourself. Stick with just the Top 50.

It's about the quality, not the quantity!

Peter Wagstaff said...

You've missed CIIMS!

Julian Cole said...

Oh god Josh will kill me! Thanks for picking that one up for me.

I guess I could do a mix of the two by having the names of the other bloggers who were outside of the top 50?!?!

I think it is going to be alot of work either way! So ranking the bottom 35 probably would not bother me...I say that now but I can just imagine being 10 hours into this saying grrr why did I commit to that. :)

Peter Wagstaff said...

I guess you'll have to run every one of them through your calculations anyway to determine if they are in your Top 50. But think ahead... The June 2012 list when you are considering the Top 5,700 Australian Marketing blogs! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Depends if I am in the Top 50.

Seriously, look at the Power 150 at AdAge, there's about 800 on it now.

Maybe badge the Top 50 and list the rest???

Gavin Heaton said...

Have an idea for how you might automate this ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

whatever resources MM can lend to the task of keeping this valuable and interesting listing going, just say the word.

My vote is to keep a Top 50 feel to it, but I'm curious to hear Gavin's automated approach :-)

Anonymous said...

Go for the full list, the newest (and therefore smallest ones) are normally the most interesting.

Plus you'll find the top 10 to 50 won't change too much and so it's always good to have new fodder to munch on.

Stevan said...
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Stevan said...

I also like the idea of having a top 50 - much like with the financial markets with the DOW30 (index) as a benchmark gauge.

You could also have a sub-group listings index that illustrates various categories of movements or fascinations in the OZ Marketing Blogsphere - again, much like the mid-caps to small-caps indices in financial markets.

Anonymous said...

What is the ranking criteria, is it your opinion or based on metrics?

Anonymous said...

I think a Top 50 is adequate & will be maintainable.

Why are there no hyperlinks to the sites in the list?

Julian Cole said...

Hey Stevan,

That is a great idea, I think that way will work best! Thanks for the suggestions now to think of categories.

Hey Paul,

I think categories for the smaller blogs will help solve this problem too.

Hey Stuart,

The ranking criteria is as follows;


I will have the hyperlinks in the actual ranking, I didn’t want to be seen as double link loving, however I guess it is fair if I give everyone one link. Ah stuff it, your right, I might as well. If I get some spare time over the weekend, I will. It will just take a lil time.

Hey Scott,

I love Marketing Magazine, I guess it would be super if we could do a call out for blogs on Marketing Mag too? What do you think?

Hey Gavin,

You will have to show me how to set up Yahoo pipes, I will probably do it for the next list, I have just got a lot on atm, so the old way might have to be done for this one.

Hey Craig,

A bagde would be nice wouldn’t it. Anyone want to put their hand up for making one?

Hey Peter

Holy cow! 5,700 blogs! Information overload atleast we will have awesome niche blogs, we will be getting some nicheness like Blogs on marketing milk to Gen Yers who have an iPhone (or the newest coolest phone of 2012).

jyesmith said...


Happy to work on a badge for you. Just let me know.

Paul Den said...

The blogosphere is certainly growing

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the adage uses an automated system. Using API's or something like that to generate the date needed as it would be impossible to do otherwise on that scale.

Why don't all the aussie blogs link to each other in a blogroll to boost our influence ;) sure beats having to create link bait articles.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Ashley,

I have not put them in my Blogroll because I don’t read all these blogs. Bannerblog is not really relevant to my line of work. It is for that reason I have added you to this list because you have a better knowledge of that area and would probably know some Australian Blogs in that area?

Hey Paul

Yeah it is growing at quite a rate, It is getting way more specialized as well, which is only going to make it a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep it to 50 Jules.

And yeah lemme know if you want a new badge.

Julian Cole said...

3 more to add to the list

Julian Cole said...

and http://www.benhamin.com/

Ben Shepherd said...

I think do all 80 if you can find the time or automate it. Otherwise 50 is good

Julian Cole said...

Hey Ben,

I have decided to go with all 80, it actually was quite fast when I got down to actually doing it. The ranking will be out very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julian,
Whatever you decide - 50 or 80 - I still thinks you've doen a great work.
I'd suggest you to start involving users/bloggers to elect their favorites kinda of top 50 for technical selection and top 50 for popular votes.
Lucio Ribeiro

Anonymous said...

Por que no:)