Writers Block? 6 Topics to write on when you have Writers Block

Chris Brogan to the rescue!

This is a great post on 50 Topics Marketers can talk about for your company. But I think you should also look at yourself as a brand and how some of these could be written about you.

From Chris' list I have picked these 6 gems that I think any blogger can write on to help define their brand and distinguish them from the blogger clutter that is going on.

1. A little bit about us.
2. A walk in our neighborhood
3. Giving back to the community: our plan
4. What we think is unique about us. Do you agree?
5. Video - a tour of the plant, and a day in the life of your product
6. What we worry about over the coming year

Funnily enough I did as Chris suggested and made a video of my workplace about a year ago.


Zac Martin said...

7. Write a list of ways to overcome writer's block.

User said...

Damnit, I'm not a company yet, I can't really use any of these ideas :(

Julian Cole said...

You are on to me Zac. ; )

Rick you can use all of them, they were the ones that I picked out that anyone can use.

Anonymous said...

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