Julian Cole + MacBook = Adspace Pioneers Vlog

I have decided to try my hand at video blogging. I am planning to keep the episodes bite size at under 2 minutes and they will act to complement my written post that I currently write. Positive and negative feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Introduction to Adspace Pioneers Vlog

Batman vs. Captain Planet (Social Objects as Relationship Builders)

-Check out Episode 70 on Marketing Today Podcast where I talk in detail about Public Assembly with Peter Wagstaff and Cori Hodge.
-Here is Linda and Ceri's site Public Assembly


jyesmith said...

Jules, under 2 minutes is fantastic. so, so much more digestiable, especially when we sit through so many people waffling on for 5mins+

What's your youtube channel name if wanna subscribe up?

And yes, I thought I might actually here your opinion on who would win between batman and captain planet.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Jye

My channel name is adspacepioneers. I think that Captain Planet would win that one, he has a whole crew behind him and fights things on a global level whereas Batman is all up in Gotham City, he ain't thinking BIG like Captain Planet and his possie!

Who you backing?

jyesmith said...


Crew? You mean whimpy kids who wear fancy bling? I'd like to punch

Batman has fought countless gangs, armies and nations. All with his instinct, physical prowess, and elite gadgetry.

Not to mention that Captain Planet would always turn up whenever the group of "special children" gathered together

Anonymous said...

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