Audience Equity: from Kyle Sandilands to You

Audience equity doesn’t just relate to mass media celebrities. Lately I have seen a lot of bloggers using their audience equity to increase traffic to their blog. Audience equity is getting an audience from one media channel which you are producing content in, to another channel. The following is three examples of Audience Equity being used by bloggers

1. Plurk/Twitter –to - Blog
Media Hunter, Servant of Chaos, Jeremiah from WebStrategy are three people who I see using it Twitter and Plurk well. A warning though, the people who are doing this well are not just promoting their blog but adding valuable discussion on these channels as well.

2. Facebook –to - Blog
Josh Strawczynski a friend of mine who has been using his Facebook to try and drive traffic to his site. Joseph Jaffe and Mitch Joel have also been known to use their Facebook Groups to promote their podcasts.

3. Podcast -to- Blog
I currently guest on the Marketing Today Podcast, I have had some success with this, getting emails from listeners that have contacted me through my blog.

What strategies are you using to optimize and harness your audience equity? Have you seen any other good examples of audience equity at use?

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

[Sorry - last post identical to this, although this one links through to the relevant article I'm discussing]

Hey Jules,

this post made me think of the recent news story on [disclaimer: I'm the editor of the site, but honestly, this story is related to Jules' point] about Kmart using online interactive games to try and drive in-store sales. Not sure if it fits the audience equity model exactly, but is definitely related.

In this case, the established audience likely to visit the website are being asked to interact with the games, with the intention that the equity generated through said interaction will transfer through to increased in-store sales.

In this case, it's the transfer from (Corporate) Blog -to - Bricks-and-mortar. OK, it's not quite the same as transferring audience equity between digital channels, but it involves the same kind of focus on integration of audiences across a number of properties.

What do you think?