101 Resources for Social Media Marketers - Convincing the Boss/Client of SM

One of the biggest challenges of Social Media Marketing is convincing other people of the power of the medium. The following is 10 resources that will help you convince the boss or client that they need to be acting on social media.

11. Social Media in plain English (Video)
The lovely people from Commoncraft are onto something here, They also have other classics like Wiki, Podcasting and Twitter in plain English.

12. Examples of companies blogging (Blogs)
Give me examples of this working. Blogging is one of the main ways that companies can create their own channel of communication with consumers. Show them some other Australian companies that are doing it.
Telstra, Paqworks, True Local, D look, Drive,
NRMA, MerinoCompany, Powerhouse Museum,
Lifestyle brand Kahuna Bay

13. How it can go wrong, A list of Flogs (Site)
However it is important to show that there are rules in this community and you have to play by them. Show examples of what happens to brands when they break the rules.

14. JetBlue a company that successfully Twittered. (Site)
Twitter is a great way for a company to have a discourse with their consumers. Jet Blue is an airline that has successfully used it as part of their communication strategy.

15. 10 ways Digital can help you thrive during a recession (Slideshow)
With a good chance that Australia may go into a recession any day now, this presentation will become important in convincing the boss not to cut the digital budget.

16. Microsoft video describing the break up (Video above)
There is a good chance your boss will feel like you are holding a mirror up to him with this one. The sequel is here. Via Josh and Servant

17. What is next in Media (Slideshow)
Neil Perkin comments has pretty much condensed a lifetime of posts on social media into 60 slides.

18. The Search Test
If they don’t believe people are talking about your brands online, type the company/product name into Google, Technorati, Australian Blog Index to show that the company is being spoken about by people.

19. I am the Media (Slideshow)
Great presentation broken into three parts, While you were sleeping, Where do we go from here and Brands as storytellers

20. Presentation Zen (Blog)
There is no way that you are going to get anything past your boss if your powerpoints still suck. The King of Powerpoint

Resource 1 to 10: University of Social Media Marketing


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the big up and the link

Anonymous said...

Great thread - it's all above "Lovemarks" - that trust and engagement experience between your customer and your brand.

How long before SOM becomes one of the most important elements in the mix?

Julian Cole said...

@Neil you have created the best preso of 2008, I am honoured to have you popping by my blog.

@Scott Maxworthy, I think it will become an important part of the mix when we can put some good measurements in place and we can show the ROI for social media spend. ETI 2 years ;). Thanks for popping by.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Julian:-) Love being in the same "big" category as Telstra, but I hope I kick ass in the cool arena:-)

Kahuna Bay