You faked it but it is still cool, Ford Balloons

It seems a lot of brands at the moment are trying to pass off branded content as User Generated Content viral videos. This is a fine line to dance as being found out as trying to be UGC and not really being will loose your brand a lot of credibility.
A lot of these clips have extreme things happening in them and if you have a quick view of the comment it look likes it has become the unofficial job of the viewers to work out which ones are fake/real, branded or not. It seems that this is what most people are concentrating on rather than the content.

However what if a brand came forward and told people it was fake straight out?

The answer; people enjoy the content for what it is.

That is exactly what Ford NZ have done with their latest video. This is a great example of why full disclosure works in the social media space.


Zac Martin said...

They may have come out and said it was a set up, but there's nothing in the actual clip to indicate so.

I don't know if I'd call this "full disclosure".

Stanley Johnson said...

The original balloon ad was done for the launch of the Mondeo. It featured dozens of people setting their cars afloat with balloons.

Interesting thing is, they really did do it, but...They created lightweight fibreglass cars which actually floated when attached to the helium filled balloons.

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