Half Court Shots

This year I have noticed I have picked up doing this thing that I like to refer to as the half court shot technique. It is when you do something that you think is a bit of a risk and there is only a slim chance of pulling it off. However what I have noticed is that you overestimate how hard a lot of things are. You really have to give everything a go because you really never know the chances of pulling something off.

So far this year I have taken a number of half court shots.

1. Asked to write for Marketing Magazine
2. Put my name forward for speaking at the AMI conference
3. Writing the 'Don't Trust Social Media with your Advertising Agency' MarketingMag post
4. Speak on the Gen Y podcast

3. Got in contact with the person from Gruen Transfer to see if I can go on the panel
4. Submitted an article to Problogger for a guest spot
5. Asked if they wanted me to speak at the B&T Digital Bootcamp

Funnily enough all the misses have not been flat out NO, they have usually been that they will potentially get in contact with me in the future. You never know, now that I am on their radar, I may just be lucky enough to get a rebound shot!


Unknown said...

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Anonymous said...

Amazing what's possible when we realise the ball's in our own court.

; )

Keep shooting!

Zac Martin said...
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Zac Martin said...

Sticking with cool basketball analogies...

A missed shot can always be followed up with a rebound.


Anonymous said...

Fortune favours the bold :)

Julian Cole said...

thanks guys for the positive response. I didnt know whether this was too personal for this blog. Keep shooting. ;)