Response Unit: Social Media Marketing Framework

2. Response Unit

‘Is basic response by a marketer to content that was published online by a user.’

With the rise of social media it has turned the internet from a one way communication medium to a two way communication channel. This has been done by creating tools which enable conversation. Such technology as having a comments section within Blogs allows people to create a conversation rather than just consume the information.

Traditional Field of Marketing – Customer Feedback
Response Unit is very similar to Customer Feedback channels such as a hotline telephone number. However there is a major difference between this traditional medium and online Response Units.

With an online response unit you are not just responding and communicating with one person but you have an audience watching you respond to this problem. With online, conversations are published for others to read at a future time. Therefore there is now an audience watching as your respond to customer feedback. You now have the power to inform a larger audience through your Response Unit activity.

Example - 1 employee from Connex/Veolia vs. A group of angry Bloggers
The following is an example of how a worker for Veolia the holding company for Connex responded to negative feedback about their recent advertising campaign. Great example of how a Response Unit activity should be implemented.


Steve Nimmons said...

It it an interesting point to consider in terms of more complex web intelligence requirements to track feedback and 'feeling' across a larger and more distributed consumer community - and at the same time in the case of the 'corporate V's the bloggers' to address, dilute and hopefully negate negative opinion while not inadvertently fanning the flames of dissent.