101 Resources for Social Media Marketer – University of SMM (1-10)

I will be writing over the next 9 weeks about the resources, skills and tools to make you a killer Social Media Marketer. This is not a conclusive list so if you have any other great resources please share them!

The weeks will be broken up into chapters.

1. University of SMM
2. Convincing the Boss/Client of SM
3. Production Skills needed
4. Community Finding Tools
5. Personal Attributes of an SMM
6. Apprenticeships: Learning from the Masters
7. Measurement tools for SMM
8. Offline Skills for SMM
9. Social Media Tools

This week will take you through the full spectrum for your Social Media education. We will start out with the basic resources for Social Media Marketing 101 and will extend into some of the really interesting academic knowledge behind this phenomenon.

I. Wiki-Marketing (Article)
It is like an online version of your 1st University Marketing book. Great reference for the basics.

II. 5 pillars of Social Media Marketing (Article)
This is the closest things to a structure for the practice.

III. Seth Godin (Book/Video/Blog)
The Number 1# Marketing Blogger in the world. Reading his books will bring you right up to speed on the new marketing landscape.

IV. Tipping Point (Book)
21st Century WOM expert, Malcoml Gladwell's Tipping Point helps you to understand how ideas spread through communities.

V. Made to Stick (Book)
Sequel to Tipping Point on making ideas sticky with the consumer

VI. The Age of Conversation (Book)
100 voices, 1 idea. An amazing idea from Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton about a book which talk all about the new marketing landscape.

VII. Best reference of Academic papers on Social Networks (Reference List Page /Blog)
Danah Boyd is the queen of Social Networks in the US. She has the best hidden SMM resource in the world. A reference page of all academic articles on Social Networks (Even my Honours thesis makes a showing). For an Australian version of Danah Boyd check out Laurel Papworth.

VIII. Original article on WOM (Harvard Business Review Article)
The seminal article on Word of Mouth written by Ernest Dichter in 1960’s and still relevant today. If you email me I might know where you can stumble across a copy *wink, wink*.

IX. The Brand Communities King (Articles / Blog)
Robert Kozinets is the father of brand communities, he also was the first to perform the marketing research method of an online ethnography, 'netnography'.

X. Google Scholar (Tool)
The best free academic resource going around. Always click the ‘Cited By’ to see who else is speaking on the topic.

In Week 6 ‘Apprenticeship: Learning from the Masters’, I will be looking at the top 10 SMM bloggers. I am interested to know what bloggers are you reading for your SMM information?


Gavin Heaton said...

You may want to take a look at the Plannersphere:

Julian Cole said...

cheers gav, this is a great resource.

Rick Clarke said...

Great to see your blog taking this new direction Julian! Looks like you could really carve yourself out a niche here!

David Gillespie said...

Noticed you didn't include The Long Tail in this list. I'm only part-way through but I think it may well be worth the inclusion.

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