Nike and NB are the new Robin Hood

It appears that brands are replacing the role of fairytale heroes in imparting parent’s values on their children. Back in 1990 when I was 5, I remember I had a fascination with Robin Hood drawings. My parents used the story to impart values of equality on me. I remember after drawing this picture my parents would reward me with praise for these drawings.

These days it appears that brands are now becoming a tool to communicate values to children as well fairytales. I first noticed this with my mate’s child Benny who is the cutest 4 year old girl you will ever meet.

It appears that she is gaining a lot of her values in life through her parents, her father being a car fanatic has had an impact on her. She has heard all the fairytale stories but what she sees her Dad speak most passionately about is cars. Benny will tell you that Holden are the best cars because they are Australian made, strong, tough and reliable cars.

Being strong, tough and reliable would be a characteristic of a valued male friend. It is also demonstrating to Benny criteria that is important in purchasing decisions, is she not going to grow up and be a child who thinks buying Australian is important? Are brands now acting as the actors in imparting values on children?

The story behind the picture.
I received this from a family friend’s child Felix, 5. He finished this drawing just after his Dad had come back from the United States. He had bought back a number of New Balance and Nike shoes that he had told Felix were the best because they were the finest design, very reliable and rarest shoes. Is this not another example of imparting values on our children?


Peter Wagstaff said...

Wow - you were an artist at five? And still and "artist" (of sorts!) today!

My online translator seems to be telling me that your attitudes towards brands as an adult are formed when you are young... I'd love to hear you describe what it was you were drawing all of those years ago... maybe we can psychoanalyse you from that sketch?