Five* new Australian Marketing Blogs that you probably have not read!

Last month, I showcased five blogs that started in the month of October, well I am back at it again with four new blogs that have just started in the month of November. So get your RSS readers ready and check out these great Australian Marketing reads.

Another Advertising Wanker
With a name like that, how could you not like this blog? He has had some cracking posts to start off with including his questioning of Commonwealth Bank over the recent fiasco and an interesting perspective on the alcohol advertising regulations.

Think Story Experience
'Matt Jones' reflections on the role of thinking, stories, and experiences in building brands and strengthening ideas.' He actually started blogging in September, except this month he has really stepped it up, writing a post every day and good quality posts as well.

Who put the devil in you?
Is written by Bones Lawley, I really like that name, he joins the raft of student bloggers who are blogging about Marketing. Some great posts on Movember and Doughnut King's strategy.

Stop, collaborate and listen
Written by Andy Mallinson the ex-MD of NetX Sydney, he started off by creating a list of the Social Media Monitoring tools in Australia, which is a handy little list. I look forward to reading more.

* It was originally Four blogs but Clare alerted me to her blog via Twitter, which is also a great read!

Clare Lancaster
Clare has also set up a blog ‘for enterprising women creating and working online’. It is great to see more women represented in the online marketing space. She is doing some great work covering off the basics and we can all learn a thing or two reading these posts.

Gavin called me the Pied Piper of New Marketing Blogs, when searching the interwebs for video on Pied Piper, I came across this old favourite of mine, DJ Pied Piper - Do you really like it?


Age said...

holy shit, major flashbacks with that track!

Unknown said...
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Julian Cole said...

Yesterday I opened up Pandora’s box on some early 2000’s UK Garage. Age, you gotta check out some old So Solid Crew videos, I never knew they had such a futuristic theme going on?!?!

Unknown said...

Ha gold clip! I would definitely take that as a compliment. I was just waiting for Borat to step in for a cameo verse. Thanks for the shout out Jules!

Age said...

You've inspired me to go back and listen to some old school Craig David/Artful Dodger two step action.

Stanley Johnson said...

Geez you know you're getting old when Craig David is deemed old school.

Ben Shepherd said...

I hear you stan lee, old school can't be 8 years ago surely ;)

Age said...

Relax old boys, I guess the term was merely being used to distinguish the old Craig David (good stuff) from the new Craig David (shit stuff).

That track "Re-rewind" actually dropped in 1999; 10 years in pop music is a hell of a long time!

Julian Cole said...

Stan 'I was on the internet and blogging before you' Lee, what have I told you about flaming on the internet in your 20 minute allocation for the Nursing Home computer? I expect more from you old boy!